Hold them close

I don’t know why I got thinking about this 2 nights ago, but I did.  Last night I was cuddling with William, my 1 year old, in bed and I was thinking about how short of the time I have to cuddle with him and see him the way he is NOW.  He was so relaxed and peaceful, just what mommy needed at the end of a work day.  I know I have times that I just want to scream and get frustrated with both of the boys, but I do need to look at the times to just enjoy them.  We haven’t decided yet if we are going to have any more kids.  I think we both would like another, but right now as are lives are we don’t see how.  All the more reason to enjoy the toddler-hood of William.

(I tried posting this last night, but Russ tripped the circuit the computer is on just as I clicked publish.)


New Knitting Adventures

Last night I decided it was time to pull out my double point needles as I have never worked with them before.  I think I am really going to like using them, sometimes easier than working with a circular.  I ended up making myself a new headband to use when I wash my face.  I did 2×2 rib, also a new experience.  I learned one thing, make sure your stitch count is in multiple of 4 instead of 2 when doing 2×2.  Hopefully that is one lesson I will be able to remember in the future.  I would love to post a picture but the camera is still MIA.  I may try to take a picture tomorrow with our old camera or with my phone, after I weave the tail in.

Yes, I still have 2 other projects on the needles.

Another busy day

I worked yesterday and man was it a mad house at work.  We had patients in every conceivable space in the ER and more waiting out in the waiting room all the time sometimes 10-20 deep.  I was so glad when it was time for my shift to be over.  I stayed up way too late last night after that, just to wind down.

Today I have some very definite things that had to be done — laundry.  I have most of it done, after 5 loads.  Still have a couple more to do but most of it is done.  I just have 2 full baskets to be put away, but everything but the load in the dryer is done is folded or hung.  I was also able to go to La Lache League tonight.  I really enjoy those ladies.

Well my bed is calling me and so is my husband.

We began our “Wednesday Night Rat Race”

My bestfriend is laughing at me for saying this, “starting the Wednesday night rat race,” but that is the way I was thinking about it.  Last night Tyler started Cubbies through Awana at my mom’s church.  He really liked it but had to sit with my sister’s niece.  It didn’t help that she did the flirt move with him.  It is going to be some work for mom and dad to help him on his sections and learn his verses.

To explain the Wednesday night rat race — as a kid I remember Wednesday nights being crazy, get home from school, any homework that needed to be done (if we had homework, I went to Christian schools that tried not to give homework on Wednesday and there were no sports practices on Wednesday as well), usually since there was no homework or sports they would have service activities for the teens after school, then quick home eat dinner, and back to church for Awana or youth group.  It was busy.  I totally expect that we will have at least 17 more years of the busy Wednesday night, unless we have more kids then more years.

Projects Started

Russ and I have been busy the last 2 days working on the garage.  One of the projects on my last post.  It has been beautiful weather for the boys to play outside while we are working and to get the work done.  I probably should have taken some before and after pictures.  Our camera is still MIA (still haven’t given the room I think it is in a GOOD cleaning), but I did take a picture of the garage with my phone.Garage
As you can still it still needs some work, but it is getting much closer to being able to get the car in.

I have been also organizing my craft/sewing stuff as we have been finding the boxes in the garage.  I have one more tub to unpack and put away.  It is nice to have an area that I can just dedicate to storage of that stuff.  Since I had the space I decided to hang most of my fabric on hangers.  It should be easy to find fabric when I need it.  Now to get started on those pesky sewing projects.  I already have a drawer full of fabric scraps that are large enough to be used some way and a bag full of too small scraps.

Tomorrow still a lot going on — playgroup, class at work, and Tyler is starting Cubbies at my mom’s church.  I am not sure how much cleaning we will get done, since the day is already pretty full.  Russ might get some done while the boys and I are at playgroup.

Project Plans

In looking forward to a decent stretch of days coming up in a couple of weeks, fall, and Christmas, I am busy thinking of the things I need to get done. Lets see what is on my to do list

Sewing machine projects

  • MSU diapers for William — have the fabric just need to cut them out and sew them
  • More diapers for William period . . .
  • Make a couple of recycled wool soakers (diaper covers for those who don’t know what I am talking about). Anyone know how to make them? I could use some help on my first project doing these. I have 2 sweaters that are already felted I just need to sew them up and lanolinize them. Looking forward to not having an occasionally wet bed and boy in the morning.
  • Fleece pants for the boys this winter. (I have some leftover fabric for these).
  • Flannel sleep pants. If Jo Ann’s has flannel$.99 again after Thanksgiving, I think my sisters may get pants again this year. Shh. . . Toi, you didn’t read this. 🙂 I think they all appreciated the ones they got last year and I know I could use a couple of more pairs of sleep pants myself, since I wore mine year round and have them on right now. This year will be even easier since I have my serger now. Mom gave it to me for Christmas after I made all the pants last year.
  • Rings slings. I have some promised slings for baby gifts I need to get finished and I also have a couple of people who would like to buy slings from me. Once again I have the materials around the house for these, just need to sit down and get them done.
  • Cloth books I started as Christmas presents last year. Maybe I can actually finish them to give this year. Though my nieces are almost too old for them now.

Around the house

  • Finish cleaning the garage so we can get the car in this winter.
  • Clean up the clutter — drop of the stuff we are going to donate.
  • Put away and sort out what boxes we don’t want to unpack, especially since we know we won’t be in this house more that a few years, like Russ’ at least 3 boxes of stuffed animals that went up to the attic in the garage. I think he needs to get rid of a few of these animals. He would probably say I need to get rid of my books, fabric and yarn. So I guess we are even.
  • Routine household maintenance.

Knitting & Crocheting

  • Russ’ afghan – He has me making him a knitted blanket, MSU colors of course. I am so glad that I have triple stranded it and working it on #13 needles. It is going pretty quickly.
  • Nursing Tank Top from Knitty
  • Socks and slippers for our household. I am already finding out the floors are going to be cold over the winter. Russ says it is the crawlspace. I think I have to agree.
  • Dishcloths — maybe Christmas presents
  • Hats for my boys and self and maybe some mittens too
  • Keep working on the crochet afghan I started my senior year of college (Fall 1999), still have to finish it. Maybe I will actually get it done this year. It would be a good warm blanket for Tyler this winter.

Do I have enough ideas — many things I do have the raw materials for, so that will be good for our budget. Then look for good deals on the rest of the items.

Well I should probably get off the computer so maybe I can get some of these things done.

Remembering September 11, 2001

Where were you went you first heard about the events of the morning of September 11, 2001? I had just woken up when one of my friends and roommate’s sister called me. “The World Trade Center towers in New York City have been hit and the Pentagon was just hit.” “What?” I got up and turned on the TV. Sure enough. I can’t exactly remember if the towers had started to fall yet. I know I remember the 2nd one going down and all the uncertainty of are there anymore aircraft in the air that could do more damage. I pretty much watched TV for the rest of the day non-stop. I did go out and get gas, because the gas prices went up. There were long lines that day in South Lansing. I took my Walkman with me to work out at Curves, because I didn’t want to miss much of the coverage. Some of the women there at already heard enough, but it was definitely the topic of conversation while we were working out.

Tonight Russ and I were listening to “Silent Night 911,” first on the radio then on youtube, man did it bring the emotions of that day and the next couple of months back. I have tears in my eyes even now as I type this. I don’t want to loose the emotion I have related to September 11, 2001 and to remember that their are those in the world that don’t like and hate what our country stands for.

I am thankful for each and every service man who has lost their life fighting for my freedom and fighting to keep the rest of the world free from terror . Don’t ever forget that we are not free from terror and keep your guard up.

As I sit her typing this, my littlest sleepin on my chest, I must instill in my sons why it is important to honor God and country. They don’t have the still emotion of 9/11 etched into their memories.


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