One on University of Michigan Fan

For those of you Michigan State fans that read my blog, you will enjoy this story.  For you Michigan fans, I’m sorry.

Tonight we went to Walmart.  I have kind-of been wanting a new case for my cellphone.  We went into the electronics section because Russ wanted to look at something else.  So Russ is looking at what he wanted and I started looking at the phone cases — Michigan State cases.  So I picked it up.  I debated all through the store and Russ finally said – get it. 

As we were walking out, a friend from high school and college was working as the greeter.  I don’t know what possessed me to say this, but here was our conversation.

Me – “I am showing my colors.” Showing her my new phone case.

Friend – “Mine are better.” Pointing to her lanyard with her name tag that was University of Michigan.

Me – “At least mine is winning.”  MSU is 2-0, Michigan 0-2

Friend – I can’t remember now what she said – it was the kicker.  I think it was something like “That’s true” somewhat ashamed.

And we walked out of the store.  I was laughing, since I was able to come back with a quick, good response.


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