91 degrees on October 8

I can’t believe this weather, it is 91 degrees where I live according to Weather Underground.   I was thinking that it was probably a record high, but instead I found this.

… All time monthly record high temperature set at Saginaw…

The high temperature at Tri Cities Airport reached 91 degrees today.
This not only broke the daily record of 84 degrees which was set
previously in 1913… but will gone down as the warmest temperature
ever recorded during the month of October. The previous monthly
record was 88 degrees.

We hit the all time MONTHLY high temperature for the month of October.  At least the forecast for tomorrow is for much cooler weather, 69.  I am glad the I have only had to endure one day without air conditioning since I worked yesterday.  Our house doesn’t have central air and we took our window units out almost a month ago.  If we still lived in the house we moved out of, you can guarantee that we would have had the central air going.


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