Fun Weekend

I started this Sunday night . . . . . 

Man you don’t relieze how tired you can get from having a 5 year old, 2 3 years olds, and a 1 year old around until it happens and not getting much sleep the night before everyone arrived.

My mother-in-law came to visit this weekend and brought our neices with her.  Tyler loved having his cousins here to visit.  We met them at Twisted Wrap & Skeins,  a yarn shop about 30 minutes from our house.   My mother-in-law and I both enjoy knitting and feed each other with ideas, so that stop was totally for us. You can tell that they are used to having kids come into that shop and the 3 older kids behaived very well.  William was also very good.  I got some yarn to work on Christmas projects and my mother-in-law and I both got some yarn to start leaning to knit socks.  They also gave me a pattern to start leaning with.

After we got home and ate dinner I started my fist pair of socks.  I am less than  an Start of Sock 1inch from starting to turn the heel.  I have finished the first sock, and started  the second one.  It is an awesome pattern, especially for a beginner.  These are going to be great slipper socks since I used “kitchen cotton.”  I am looking forward to starting socks using “sock yarn.”

Saturday, I made chocolate muffins for breakfast.  The kids just ate those up.  I was glad that it was nice day outside since we put the coats on the older 3 and let them go outside to play.   We watched the 1st half of the Michigan State football game, then after getting the 2 3 year olds down for a nap, my mother in law and I headed back out for more yarn stores, this time in town.

First we went to Material Mart.  I was not impressed at all.  They seemed  a little stuffy to me.  Weren’t that much help.  We did find that they had some nice knitting needles so my mother in law bought me a pair of size 1, 16″ cable and 24″ cable.  They had a decent selection of yarn. I might go back and look over their yarn again, though it is not my first choice of stores to go to.

Since we were unimpressed at Material Mart, we headed over to Granny Square Yarn.  That was a little bit more fun. They are going out of business :(, so they had their knitting stuff 40% off.  I ended up with enough yarn for another pair of socks.  They were very nice in there.  I wish they weren’t going out, I would shop their more.

We took 2 of the kids with us on that shopping trip.  They both were very good.  William had fun finding the toys and things he could play with while we were shoping.  (On the left is my stash from the shopping trips.)

When we got back, the nappers woke up, Michigan State won (now are bowl eligible), so we moved all the car seats into the trailblazer and went to the mall for more play time.  They had fun playing at the play area.  Came home and everyone went to bed much ealier than the night before.

Sunday, I made a yumy blueberry coffee cake. Note to self make again, make again.  It smelled so good while it was baking.  We made it to church on time considering getting 4 kids and 3 adults ready for church and putting the roast in the oven for dinner.

After dinner they headed home.  All the adults agreeed that it was time to go home.  I am looking forward to having them come again.  We leaned alot about how to get everyone fed and kept happy and got a lot of crafting time in.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Put a Sock in it
    Nov 14, 2007 @ 19:58:51

    Congrats on your first sock! It’s looking good, and I love the way the yarn is knitting up.

    You do know that knitting socks, and stashing sock yarn is highly addictive, don’t you? :mrgreen:


  2. finngarianmama
    Nov 15, 2007 @ 17:02:09

    I see you got Wildfoote yarn… you will LOVE LOVE LOVE working with that!! I’m using a pair of size 1 needles, it’s making a nice, dense sock. It’s a pleasure to work with! What are some of the other ones you got? They look great!! 🙂


  3. Tami
    Nov 15, 2007 @ 21:20:56

    Sounds like you all had a good time. You won’t get any yarn talking out of me. Hope all is going well. When are ya coming back to town want to see ya??


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