Thanksgiving, Shopping, and Christmas Projects

We had a nice Thanksgiving considering I had to work. We went down to Lansing on Tuesday evening to stay at my in-laws. Wednesday we were able to spend time with my dad and family, Thursday Russ was with his parents and extended family. Friday we were able to go over to friends house that Tyler loves to play with their kids. Now they need to come up and visit us.

Friday morning after I got back from work, Russ, William (because he was awake when we were leaving), and I headed out to the Black Friday sales. We managed to go to 3 stores as they opened, Kohl’s, Walmart, and JoAnn Fabric. Kohl’s was too crazy for us and we weren’t really looking for anything there. Walmart, Russ got the GPS he has been wanting for a long time and I got a new camera. (We were given our Christmas money early from one family). JoAnn’s I made out well, 6 different cuts of flannel for making PJ pants for, Russ, my sister, and myself. I will post pictures later.

Friday, my mother-in-law and I headed over to Threadbear. It was fun to just go and brouse through that store. I did get the yarn to make one of my sister’s Christmas present. I was hard to decide what to make since I just got a solid color, but I really like the pattern I chose and how it is working up. Hopefully I can finnish all my Christmas projects before Christmas. I have lots to do.

Remember my project list I posted a while ago. I should go through and edit it and figure out what still I need to do. Some of the things on the list I am not going to do anymore, and of course more have been added.


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