Recognizing Christians

I have been mulling over in my head the one thing that stuck there from the sermon on Sunday, and I am not totally sure if I am remembering it right.  That others can only tell that about 15% of those who claim to be Christians.  What a thing to ponder. 

Why is is?  Is it because as human beings,  we want to fit in, so others don’t realize that we are Christians because we don’t act any different than they act?  Is it because we don’t talk about our faith?

And those 15%, why are they noticed?  Is it because they are “legalistic?”  Like the Pharisees of the New Testament and have all these little rules you have to follow to be a “good Christian”.  Having gone to a college that was legalistic, I can see how people would be turned off to being Christians.  I won’t even get into my views about my Christian college Alma mater here, except to say that I do not hold to a lot of what they say.  I was very frustrated in my last few years of college with the beliefs that I felt like they were trying to push as hard a they could into my mind.

Or is it because others notice that there is something truly different about that person?  I was just taking to my best friend about this on the phone.  I have known one co-worker since high school and my best friend didn’t know who she was (my best friend and I do not work together exactly — she is an EMT with the local ambulance company and I am an RN in the ER), but has seen her as she has brought patients into the ER thought this co-worker had a nice smile and knew that their was something different about her.  Once I filled my best friend on who the co-worker was, it explained to my best friend why she knew their was something different about her.  My friend knew she was a Christian.  In fact on Monday, I was hoping this co-worker was working so we could talk about this exact topic.  She was going to tell her husband, who also happens to be a local pastor.

Thinking about this makes me think about a former co-worker.  I was suprized that she sent her kids to a Christian school and was as active in the school as she was.  Her conversations at work and what she would do outside of work and tell us about, did not fit in my mind what a Christian would be doing.

Something to ponder.


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