Pieces of the puzzle falling together

When I went to bed last night I wasn’t sure how today was going to unfold, but it is noon and it looks like everything is going to work out.

Called the guy we are buying the van from this morning — Letting him know I needed the title to the van today so I could get to the Secretary of State (DMV for those not in Michigan) and get the plates transferred. He called me about 11:30, he is cleaning out the van and will be over with the title and van for us to keep went he is done cleaning.

Called Enterprise — $100 to return the rental car to a location other than rented from. NO THANK YOU! It is cheaper to drive 2 cars down to Lansing to return the rental than paying the fee.

Called my mom — She is helping pay for the van as part of our Christmas. Made the trip to the credit union, now have the cash to pay for the van.

Call car insurance company — they can fax the proof of insurance to the Secretary of State. Got the insurance done on the van.

Called the credit union that held the loan on our old car — they are mailing a cashiers check today for the difference in the payoff and payout by the insurance company.

So by the end of the day should have the trip to Sec of State done and the rental car done. So I did a lot of thinking about possible scenarios for nothing — finding a babysitter for Tyler if need be, trying to figure out if their was an easier way to make only one trip to return the rental car.

Hopefully the snow will hold off until we are back home. May not get to watch MSU Spartans play their bowl game tonight. Oh well, though I was looking forward to watching it.


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  1. Tami
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 14:47:55

    Well the Lord will put the pieces together!!!! We are going to my Mom’s tonight to see your mom, Toi, and Jamie!!!! I hope they will have the game on–I am sure they will. The guys are going out to the theatre to see ‘I am Legend’. I really wanted to see it but it’s G.N.O. ( guys night out ) plus I wanted to see Paget and Toi. Have a good day!!!


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