Crazy life

Do you ever feel like life is just going on and you need to just go with the flow? Well that has been the way things have been recently. Busy but not much interest in being on the computer. For those on the boards I do post on, sorry I haven’t been around much.

Lets see what has been going on recently . . . . . .

  • I have been working on knitting a pair of socks since Christmas. I think that is where a lot of my spare time has gone. I am about half-way down the foot of both pairs of socks, getting near the end and about ready to start decreasing for the toes. Maybe I will have them completely knit in a month. I have another 5 days.
  • Work. Need I say more. I was getting discouraged about work recently, but now am encouraged again. Though I am ready for a day out of peds entirely. I have worked there for part of the last 3 if not 4 shifts I have worked. I am ready for the action of “up front” were more of the excitement is for an entire shift. I work today and tomorrow so that fix should be covered in those days.
  • Spending time with all “my boys.” Russ and I have been working on renewing our relationship which is great, but has caused a refocus of my priorities.
  • Cleaning and keeping up my house. I really wanted to get routines going like the FlyLady, but don’t quite have doing routines down, though my house is staying neater since I sorted the toys into 6 bins and have been having the boys help pick up their toys more.  I also have been focusing on the kitchen and living-room, since that is really where we live and getting the laundry put away when I take it out of the dryer.
  • My grandma is doing well.  She went home on Friday with a “life alert” pendant.  I have a few phone calls to make to get services set up for her, but I think she is going to do well at home.

Better head to the shower so I can get ready for work . . . .


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tami
    Jan 22, 2008 @ 13:49:06

    Sometimes life sends ya curve balls. Just keep your eye on the ball!!!! At least your feet will be warm 🙂 Talk to ya later.


  2. cinnamonamon
    Jan 22, 2008 @ 21:48:06

    Those socks are way cool!! See ya’ tomorrow!


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