Church Tonight

Our church doesn’t have church every Sunday night, some Sundays they have small groups, some Sundays nothing or some the have a “special service” like communion.  They did communion differently tonight than I have ever been around.  The elements were available, after a certain point in the service, to come and get then take back to your seat and when you were ready to partake in them.

I started thinking today that Tyler, now that he is 4, needed to start learning to sit quietly in the church service.  Granted a communion service in not necessarily the best service to train a kid.  Tyler easily could have gone to the nursery, but I thought it was important to have him start to learn.  We went prepared– toys, sippy cup, snack, coloring book and colored pencils. Tyler was very good sitting in the service.  He colored for a while.  Dropped his sippy cup twice until he figured out where to put it where it would not fall. Had a nice belch when he finished the contents of his sippy cup (nice in a quiet church service.)
When it came time for the elements of communion (bread and juice), I realized I hadn’t prepared Tyler for not being able to have the bread and juice.  So I leaned over and explained to him that he couldn’t have the bread and juice because Jesus didn’t live in his heart.  I don’t think he quite understood, in fact he told me “Jesus lives in my belly.”   I had to explain to him that Jesus didn’t live in his belly.  The whole time I am trying to explain these concepts that are sometimes hard for even adults to understand, I was in awe of what a responsibility God has given Russ and I in raising these boys.   How it is my responsibility not the church’s, not grandparent’s, not other family members or friends, but MINE.  God may use others to lead them to Himself, but still Russ and I have the primary responsibility for teaching our kids in the way we believe.  What an awesome responsibility and privilege.

I don’t think I would have been as open to God showing me that if it hadn’t been for the fact Tyler was in the service for us.  I know my thoughts probably would not have headed that direction if he wasn’t there.


Long time without a post

or should I say Life is Crazy Busy!!!

My class last week went very well.  I never did finish reading the text.  I just about gave up after my procrastination post.  I learned a lot just through the lectures and the testing we had to do.  Made me want to brush up on the growth & development stuff I studied in college.  I still have my textbook, so someday I will sit down and look over it again.

Since more than 50% of the class was lecture (and I really do not enjoy just sitting and listening to lecture, there really wasn’t much to take notes on and what notes I need to do I did with a highlighter in the book) I had my knitting along and totally knit 1 sock for Tyler in the 2 days of class.Tyler's socks The second sock is coming much slower since I have normal activities and not 8 hours of straight sitting in lecture.

I worked my first 2p-2a shift on Monday.  The shift wasn’t bad, but after I got home life got interesting.  I got home about 3 was just crawling in bed about 4 when Tyler told me his tummy hurt.  He tucked his blanket up his shirt and I told him I would check on his tummy in the morning.  About 5 -10 minutes later he came and crawled in bed with us next to Russ.  Next thing we knew he vomited all over our bed and Russ.  William was already having a hard time falling back to sleep (he was awake when I got home).  So  I ended up sleeping with Tyler in his bed and William slept with Russ in our bed.  Tyler puked several more times during the night.  I had a lot of laundry to do come Tuesday morning on top of the fact I was already behind on laundry.

Even now on Thursday Tyler is not 100% better.  We went about 24 hours without vomiting then he vomited in bed last night.  So far he is going slow with eating today and is cuddling more than normal.  William has an upper respiratory infection and Russ more exhausted than normal and I have been fighting a headache and nausea for the last 2 days.  I am on day 2 of calling into work because of everyone being ill at our house.  I am hoping a trip to the chiropractor this afternoon will help me feel better and maybe the boys as well.


Yes, I am Procrastinating!  I admit it.  I have a 2 day class that starts tomorrow in Flint.  Have I even finished preparing . . . Not on your life.  I am on chapter 3 of over 21 chapters in the textbook.  Should I be studying now . . . you bet, plus feeding my kids breakfast, which is going to come first when I get off the computer.

I am still doing my normal Wednesday activities plus I am planning on going to Bay City for a LaLache League enrichment meeting.

Why is it so easy to procrastinate?  I don’t know how much money I could have saved us and stress if I hadn’t procrastinated on things when we moved or in keeping track of our finances.  I can guarantee it is probably in the hundreds of dollars, easy.

I college I had a postcard framed in my room about “Why study?” and that is almost the way I feel now.

Must go and get studying done plus William is calling for his breakfast. . .

So Proud of My Boy

Yesterday could have been a tough day for an almost 4 year old, but he did very well. My dad, sister, Tyler, & I went up to my grandma’s. My dad had some business to do with her and just wanted to see how she was doing. (I think the last 6 weeks, if I have been off on Saturday I have been up to see my grandma, so 4 of the last 6 weeks). When we go, we also do any “job” that needs to be done around her apartment.

Russ was tired and asked if I could take a boy with me. I’ll admit I wasn’t all that thrilled with the idea, but made plans to make it work. I was going to take a coloring book and crayons and maybe a few cars for Tyler to play with. When my dad arrived he brought Tyler’s birthday presents, one of which was a “toy” computer with learning games from V-Tech. Well that went with us to my grandma’s.

Tyler spent almost the entire time we were at my grandma’s playing with his computer. He did play with her cat a little bit and was very curious when I cleaned out the litter box, since we only have fish and never paid attention to the litter box at my mom’s. Even when he got hungry he didn’t go “crazy” like he can. He politely asked for food most of the time until he knew what he could have then he helped himself. He was content with the Ritz and Oreo’s my grandma had in her kitchen until we went to the store and Subway (the only fast food in the town my grandma lives).

When we got home it was past nap time, so we gave up trying to take a nap. Shortly after one of the kids my mom watched last week called, “Can Tyler come sledding with us?” I warned them he hadn’t had a nap, but it was ok for him to go. When he got home we fixed a fast dinner, bath-time, and bed. We made it though all of that without any major melt-downs. He was so good all day. Today has been a little rougher, though still pretty good.