Yes, I am Procrastinating!  I admit it.  I have a 2 day class that starts tomorrow in Flint.  Have I even finished preparing . . . Not on your life.  I am on chapter 3 of over 21 chapters in the textbook.  Should I be studying now . . . you bet, plus feeding my kids breakfast, which is going to come first when I get off the computer.

I am still doing my normal Wednesday activities plus I am planning on going to Bay City for a LaLache League enrichment meeting.

Why is it so easy to procrastinate?  I don’t know how much money I could have saved us and stress if I hadn’t procrastinated on things when we moved or in keeping track of our finances.  I can guarantee it is probably in the hundreds of dollars, easy.

I college I had a postcard framed in my room about “Why study?” and that is almost the way I feel now.

Must go and get studying done plus William is calling for his breakfast. . .


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  1. Tami
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 09:25:33

    We all have a little procrastinating problem every now and then!!!!!!! We understand. Have a good one.


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