Is anyone sick of the illness and Winter???

I know that I sure am.  The last week hasn’t been fun around the house.  First both boys got upper respiratory infections and looking back I “stupidly” took probably didn’t need to take them to the doctor who put them both on antibotics that I am not convenced now that they needed.  William wouldn’t take his inital without puking and fought with us to take the second, thankfully the 2nd one was once a day for 2 days.  The antibotics gave Tyler diahrea so bad that on Sunday (day 4) I dedided to take him off the antiboitics, since he went through 4 pairs of underware in about 3 hours.

Friday I came down with a nasty head cold, but still worked on Saturday and Monday (becasue it was slow got to go home early both days) and did our plans for Easter on Sunday.

Because I hadn’t looked at my calandar I didn’t think I worked on Tuesday and I woke up not feeling much better, and William had been vomiting since Monday.  I called a friend about someting else and she mentioned that LaLache League was that night and I knew I was supposed to work the day of LLL for March.  So I called into work.  I am so glad I called her, otherwise I would have been a no call-no show.

I ended up spending almost the entire day in bed yesterday and vomiting myself.  I didn’t even do any knitting until evening and did NO laundry even though it was really starting to pile up from all the vomiting from William.

Today I am feeling a lot better.  My cold symptoms are almost gone.  I am not nauseus anymore.  William is doing better though the vomiting is not gone yet.  He has vomited twice so far this morning after nursing so I don’t know if it a positioning  thing with the continued upper respiratory infection symptoms he is having or is he is still not quite over this bug.

I really missed being able to go to playgroup yesterday.  If I had been feeling better and not puking myself I probably would have left William with Daddy and Tyler and I would have still gone.  I enjoy the time I spend with those ladies.  It is a highlight for my week when we can go.


Sickies – the whole house & coupon information

Well it has to be spring since the spring colds are here.

Both Tyler and William are on antibotics.  I have come down with a cold and Russ is probaby starting to get a cold as well on top of his Chronic Fatgue Syndrome.  I thought about staying home for work today, but if you call in a on weekend you have to make it up and I would prefer to work only feeling about 75%  than to make up working a Saturday.  Depending on what area I am working I might see if I can change my assignment for a lighter work area.

I am on a yogurt campaign for the boys since they are on antibiotics and I want to keep them as healthy as possible, ie diarrhea free.  A friend from high school posted on her blog a link for a coupon for free Organic Yo-Baby yogurt.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the coupon for our house as well and pass it on to you.

Busy Weekend

We finally made a long overdue trip down to the Lansing area (though we didn’t make it to Lansing proper, stayed about 10 miles east at all times). We hadn’t been down since Christmas, though my dad has been up multiple times. We hadn’t seen my in-laws since Christmas and they had Christmas presents (after Christmas extended family Christmas party) for both boys and birthday presents for Tyler whose birthday was over a month ago. We came back with so much more than we left with.

I think the boys are enjoying playing with their new toys. They both got Mr. Potato-heads. They also got this awesome collection of Illustrated Classics.  We started reading Peter Pan last night. There are some books in this collection that I have never read. I am looking forward to reading them to the boys. Tyler also got a case for his matchbox cars, since he loves playing with them.

Our main reason for going down was Miriam’s (our niece) birthday party. It was held at Russ’ parents house. The kids all had fun playing together. The all remember the weekend they spent up here last fall and keep asking to get together again. It was a Dora theme and my sister-in-law, Michelle, decorated the cake. She did an awesome job. Both the girls and all our family spent the night at my in-laws. Quite a full household, 4 kids and 4 adults

We were going to try to go to our old church, South Church, but by the time we got up and ready to leave we would have been very late. When it came down to it, I would have had 15 minutes to shower and be ready to leave with all our stuff, which was mostly packed, but not entirely packed at that moment. So we ended up going to my in-laws church. I really enjoyed the sermon. He first read from Mark 11 about Jesus entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, then the main message was on the prophesy in Zechariah 9:9. I always knew that Jesus’ entry was prophesied, but I had never realized where the passage was.

After church we went to my dad’s for the afternoon, picked my mom (who rode down and back with us) up from friends from friends on our way back, then went to small group on our way home. (Mom got picked up from small group, before we went inside.)

William sleeping in the “Cliner”

William sleeping on the chair

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Yesterday we were busy so William didn’t get much of a nap. We also worked on cleaning out the garage and sent a lot out with the garbage (something we should have done before we moved.) William was tired after all of that and taking a bath,since you can just imagine how dirty he was after we had all been in the garage.

Russ and I were each doing our own thing and thought William was with the other. So it was time to go to bed and we didn’t know where William was. I checked the kitchen since he is always scrounging for food, Russ went upstairs looking for him, since he loves to go upstairs and Tyler headed into the living room. Next thing Tyler says, “William is sleeping in the ‘cliner’ (recliner).” Sure enough there was William sound asleep. After his picture was taken he was taken up to bed.

Fun Day for a 4 year old

Tyler & the Consumers Energy truck

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Last week was fun for Tyler. We had Consumers Energy trucks in our driveway 3 days in a row and he watched them each day. They upgraded the voltage that goes past our house so had to change the configuration on the pole and put up new transformers.

1st day – finished changing the configuration on our neighbors pole. They had done the pole in our yard about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

2nd day – drop off all the new transformers. They used a boom truck (not a man lift one, but another type of boom) to drop them off. It was pretty exciting for him.

The 3rd day was the most exciting. We knew they had to shut off the power to change out the transformers, so we had prepared Tyler for the power to be off. I thought the work was supposed to start at 9, but when I woke up the power was already off at 8 and they were in our driveway doing the transformer. Tyler had fun watching them from the living room window, then we move to the bathroom window since it had a best angle on the neighbors pole. He was so excited. I was just glad that the power was turned back on after they finished the neighbors pole, since it was getting chilly in the house. I told Tyler we would know when the power was back on when the heat turned on and boy was I right.

I’m still alive

My life has been a whirlwind this week. Since Monday I have made 3 trips to see my grandma who lives about 30 min away. She has been ill and has needed some extra monitoring. I also have some great pictures to post about excitement for a 4 year old.

Maybe tomorrow or Sunday I will have the chance to post a longer post with pictures.