Fun Day for a 4 year old

Tyler & the Consumers Energy truck

Originally uploaded by MIpennSN

Last week was fun for Tyler. We had Consumers Energy trucks in our driveway 3 days in a row and he watched them each day. They upgraded the voltage that goes past our house so had to change the configuration on the pole and put up new transformers.

1st day – finished changing the configuration on our neighbors pole. They had done the pole in our yard about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

2nd day – drop off all the new transformers. They used a boom truck (not a man lift one, but another type of boom) to drop them off. It was pretty exciting for him.

The 3rd day was the most exciting. We knew they had to shut off the power to change out the transformers, so we had prepared Tyler for the power to be off. I thought the work was supposed to start at 9, but when I woke up the power was already off at 8 and they were in our driveway doing the transformer. Tyler had fun watching them from the living room window, then we move to the bathroom window since it had a best angle on the neighbors pole. He was so excited. I was just glad that the power was turned back on after they finished the neighbors pole, since it was getting chilly in the house. I told Tyler we would know when the power was back on when the heat turned on and boy was I right.


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