Busy Weekend

We finally made a long overdue trip down to the Lansing area (though we didn’t make it to Lansing proper, stayed about 10 miles east at all times). We hadn’t been down since Christmas, though my dad has been up multiple times. We hadn’t seen my in-laws since Christmas and they had Christmas presents (after Christmas extended family Christmas party) for both boys and birthday presents for Tyler whose birthday was over a month ago. We came back with so much more than we left with.

I think the boys are enjoying playing with their new toys. They both got Mr. Potato-heads. They also got this awesome collection of Illustrated Classics.  We started reading Peter Pan last night. There are some books in this collection that I have never read. I am looking forward to reading them to the boys. Tyler also got a case for his matchbox cars, since he loves playing with them.

Our main reason for going down was Miriam’s (our niece) birthday party. It was held at Russ’ parents house. The kids all had fun playing together. The all remember the weekend they spent up here last fall and keep asking to get together again. It was a Dora theme and my sister-in-law, Michelle, decorated the cake. She did an awesome job. Both the girls and all our family spent the night at my in-laws. Quite a full household, 4 kids and 4 adults

We were going to try to go to our old church, South Church, but by the time we got up and ready to leave we would have been very late. When it came down to it, I would have had 15 minutes to shower and be ready to leave with all our stuff, which was mostly packed, but not entirely packed at that moment. So we ended up going to my in-laws church. I really enjoyed the sermon. He first read from Mark 11 about Jesus entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, then the main message was on the prophesy in Zechariah 9:9. I always knew that Jesus’ entry was prophesied, but I had never realized where the passage was.

After church we went to my dad’s for the afternoon, picked my mom (who rode down and back with us) up from friends from friends on our way back, then went to small group on our way home. (Mom got picked up from small group, before we went inside.)


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