Sickies – the whole house & coupon information

Well it has to be spring since the spring colds are here.

Both Tyler and William are on antibotics.  I have come down with a cold and Russ is probaby starting to get a cold as well on top of his Chronic Fatgue Syndrome.  I thought about staying home for work today, but if you call in a on weekend you have to make it up and I would prefer to work only feeling about 75%  than to make up working a Saturday.  Depending on what area I am working I might see if I can change my assignment for a lighter work area.

I am on a yogurt campaign for the boys since they are on antibiotics and I want to keep them as healthy as possible, ie diarrhea free.  A friend from high school posted on her blog a link for a coupon for free Organic Yo-Baby yogurt.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the coupon for our house as well and pass it on to you.


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