It’s Friday

This week hasn’t been as bad as I thought. The stress level was almost as much as I thought it was going to be, but a few things got changed around.

I did work my 3 days in a row. Day 2 when I was exhausted at midnight (I get off at 2 am) I was wondering how I was going to make it through my last 2 hours, the the person who was taking over my rooms/patients arrived at 1 am. So I had this little conversation with the charge nurse —

me – “Dennis got here an hour early.”

charge nurse – “You want to go home?”

me – “Yes.” So I left shortly after 1. I was glad that I had some snacks and a pop to drink on the way home, I was so tired, but I made it home safely.

Monday before I left for work, I got a call from my dad that the visiting nurse and social worker thought that my Grandma was not safe to be living at home alone anymore. They got her admitted to the hospital on Monday to get her placed in a nursing home. Though the course of the week it has been determined that she has had a stroke at some point, which makes sense with everything that has been going on with her over the last several months. She still hasn’t been discharged from the hospital as every day they have done more tests. Hopefully today she will be discharged to the nursing home. She seems to be in great spirits, almost the best she has been in months. My dad credits it to the fact that she is eating regularly decent meals and taking her meds consistently. I am sure that the human contact is helping as well since she would sometimes go a couple of days without seeing anyone other than her cat.

I just hung up from my first interview with MidMichigan to get a job closer to home. It would save us so much money not driving 60 miles round trip for work. It is more like 10 miles and I could possibly ride my bike. I would like to work in the ER there, but wouldn’t mind an office job as well and I have applied for both. I have the second interview on Thursday.

The boys doctor appointment went well. They are growing normally. Tyler loved watching the doctor help the delivery man uncrate new furniture that was delivered about the same time as our appointment.

In a couple of hours I am off to ladies retreat for some relaxation. First time I will be away from William for more than 14 hours. Tyler gets to go to Grandpa & Grandma Sandy’s house when my dad comes up to take Grandma to the nursing home. Dad is planning on coming back up here again on Sunday to see Grandma and bring Tyler home.


8 days off and crazy time ahead

Well I just am finishing and 8 day stretch off work.  It wasn’t supposed to be 8 days.  It should have been 3 days off, work the weekend (2 days), 3 days off, but William got pneumonia and I got bronchitis.  We are both done with out antibiotics, thankfully, just 5 days for both of us and are both feeling much better.  Tyler is still not feeling the best, he had a fever over the weekend, but not other symptoms that I was going to run him to the doctor for.

The next 2 – 3 weeks are going to be very busy.  I work the next 2 days.  Saturday has nothing scheduled, but we need to go grocery shopping badly and the kids will want mommy time.  Sunday my grandma as an MRI that she has requested that my dad, sister and I take her to.  Then I work again for 3 days.  Then 3 appointments — well checks for my boys and a consultation with my grandmas doctor for my dad, sister and me.  Then I get to go to my first ladies retreat with my mom and sister overnight!!  First time I will be away from William overnight.  Then Sunday off except the normal Sunday church.  Then back for 2 more days of work.  I think I will be very glad when May 1 rolls around.

I did get some things accomplished even though I was sick – laundry, kept the kitchen up for the most part.  I even did a knitting project from start to finish (just needs a button).  One day we had a sewing bee at my moms and I got 3 pairs of sleep pants completed with my mom’s help and have 1 more that just needs the waistband and hems done and 2 more that need the inner leg, crotch, hems and waistband done.  Hopefully after May 1 I will have time to get them finished.

Playgroup today

Playgroup was a lot of fun. Two of the regulars came over to my house, which really was all we had space for — 7 kids and 4 adults. The kids had a blast! They played in the boys room a bit, then everyone was hungry at once, then they played in the living room. Russ ended up playing some dance tunes off Rhapsody on our TiVo. The kids had a blast dancing — it was way to funny to watch. I even got video of the dancing, just have to figure out how to post it. Tyler keeps telling me he wants them to come back. I think we will once it is a little warmer and we can be outside.

Liz and I did get knitting done, but I don’t think Allison did much.

Am I crazy??

I invited our playgroup to come to my house since the household that it is usually held at has the pukes (I don’t want them back here.) Well. . . I should head to the shower before they get here. I don’t even know who all is coming, but hope a couple of the families show up.  I miss playgroup when I can’t go and  I was really looking forward to it today.