8 days off and crazy time ahead

Well I just am finishing and 8 day stretch off work.  It wasn’t supposed to be 8 days.  It should have been 3 days off, work the weekend (2 days), 3 days off, but William got pneumonia and I got bronchitis.  We are both done with out antibiotics, thankfully, just 5 days for both of us and are both feeling much better.  Tyler is still not feeling the best, he had a fever over the weekend, but not other symptoms that I was going to run him to the doctor for.

The next 2 – 3 weeks are going to be very busy.  I work the next 2 days.  Saturday has nothing scheduled, but we need to go grocery shopping badly and the kids will want mommy time.  Sunday my grandma as an MRI that she has requested that my dad, sister and I take her to.  Then I work again for 3 days.  Then 3 appointments — well checks for my boys and a consultation with my grandmas doctor for my dad, sister and me.  Then I get to go to my first ladies retreat with my mom and sister overnight!!  First time I will be away from William overnight.  Then Sunday off except the normal Sunday church.  Then back for 2 more days of work.  I think I will be very glad when May 1 rolls around.

I did get some things accomplished even though I was sick – laundry, kept the kitchen up for the most part.  I even did a knitting project from start to finish (just needs a button).  One day we had a sewing bee at my moms and I got 3 pairs of sleep pants completed with my mom’s help and have 1 more that just needs the waistband and hems done and 2 more that need the inner leg, crotch, hems and waistband done.  Hopefully after May 1 I will have time to get them finished.


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