First Fish

Tyler's Fish

Tyler caught his first fish today.  We wanted to go have some fun today, so went to a Stratford Woods Park that has a fully stocked fishing pond.  The dock we used you could see the little fish right up at the dock.

I was able to sit a little bit away with William.  I didn’t get to knit like I wanted too, but that was OK.  Tyler was so excited.


How long do you have to work to fill your tank?

I was reading my email this morning and in one of the email’s I read was a link to calculate how many hours you need to work to fill your vehicle.  Since I generally need to fill up after 3-4 trips to work and I have to work 3 hours to fill my vehicle, essentially I need to work 1 hour for just gas.  It is about what I thought my commute cost in terms of gas.  What about those who work outside the home?  (I know many of you who read this are stay at home parents.)

Works of God Monday

A friend several weeks ago started encouraging others to post how God has worked in their lives in the past week.  While I have posted a few posts recently that could be posted with this title, I haven’t posted them on Monday.  This week is different.

I have been trying to get a new job for a while.  While I am not going to go into all the details of searching for a new job, I will say it has been tough.  I thought there was a nursing shortage.  I don’t know how many applications I put out, but I know I only got 2 interviews over the course of 2-3 months.  At the encouragement of the HR specialist, I applied for the position I got.  While I didn’t really want to continue commuting to Saginaw if I was getting another job, it just didn’t work out.  Though it did become apparent that I needed to stay with the same company, since I am going to need short term disability for maternity leave come the end of December.  One company’s short term didn’t kick in until 1 year after hire, so we would have been without pay for maternity leave.  That would have been hard.

Quick Trip

Yesterday we made a quick trip to Lansing.  Tyler has been asking to see his grandparents, “Daddy’s mommy and daddy.”  We have seen my dad a lot recently with everything that has been going on with my Grandma, but we haven’t seen my in-laws since March.

Russ needed to get some prescription refills.  The doctor that he trusts and has done the best for him is in Lansing.  Wednesday I called to get him an appointment, while we couldn’t get an appointment with the doctor until late next week,  we could get an appointment with the PA in the office the next day.  Russ was ok with that so,  I made the appointment knowing it had to be a day trip.  We liked the PA, so that is something that we will do again.  I have avoided the PA in the office to get the doctor, but since it took the PA so long to bring the scripts and lab slip back I am fairly certain that he also consulted with the doctor.

After the appointment, we went to Walmart.  We had about 2 hours to find something to do.  We tried to get together with some good friends, but she wasn’t going to be free until 3:30 which is when my mother in law got out of work.  Walmart didn’t take up the entire time, so we decided to go to a park and let the boys play.  I suggested a different park, but Russ remembered that there was one closer.  Granger Meadows Park was very nice.  The playground equipment was nice.  The sledding hill looked like it was a lot of fun in the winter.  I think if we have to find something to do again, we will head back there again.  William even had fun going down the slides, after some encouragement.

We met my in laws for dinner about 3:45 in time to still order off the lunch menu.  I thought it was a little early to eat dinner, but it ended up being ok.  They didn’t get to spend a lot of time with grandpa since he had to be to work at 5.  I think the boys had fun with them at the restaurant.  We ended up going to Sam’s Club after dinner to get some of the things that we get there after dinner, so the boys got to see grandpa again as we left Sam’s (door greeter).

Tyler rode home with Grandma.  I hoped that he would sleep, but he talked non-stop the whole way to their house.  Russ, William and I ended up stopping shortly at Russ’ grandma’s house.  It was nice to see her.  William took a few minutes to wake up, but he was fully awake and himself by the time we left her house.  Tyler was mad at us when we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  What to you expect when, when he thought we would get there at the same time.  The boys played outside for a while, then we went inside.  My father in law recently got a Wii.  That was fun.  I had not played before, but even I could play decently and I am horrible at video games.  Tyler had fun trying to play.  We bowled, played baseball and golf.  I think we are going to end up getting one at some point.  I wish we could trade in the PS2, for a Wii, but I doubt we could find a place to do that.  We never use the PS2.

We were home less than 10 hours after we left.  No naps for the boys or mom and dad.  William and Tyler did doze a little in the car, but nothing compared to their normal naps.  I think Tyler was so tired he was having bad dreams last night, that he woke up crying twice and we couldn’t figure out what was going on.  William was asleep almost as soon I put him to bed and Tyler was not far behind, except for waking up from the bad dreams.  I just wish I could have slept longer this morning, but I will have some clothes to wear since I just put a load in the washer with my pants.

Cuddling with my Boys

That is what I am doing right now, typing with one hand. They are both sitting on my lap, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, drinking chocolate milk from their sippies. I enjoy these cuddle times.

I originally wasn’t going to say much about trying to Fly again, but I enjoying the process. Check out the link if you don’t understand the terms I am about to use. I can tell I am getting “flywashed.” I’m not keeping the sink shiny, still haven’t figured out how to do that on the days I work since when I get home I usually want to fall into bed. I definitely don’t have any routines yet, though I think without thinking about it I am creating/changing routines. I am slowly working on the decluttering. What a job.

Since the weather was so warm last week, I finally got the boys drawers switched over from winter to summer clothes. Which anyone who has little kids knows that not only are you changing wardrobes, but that quite often is when I change sizes since it is an easy time to change. So I was into my tubs of clothes that I have kept from Tyler for William, I was sorting through and seeing which clothes I wanted to put out and what ones I wanted to get rid of. I am not sure if this is perfectly Flylady, but these are the questions I was asking myself while I was going through the clothes – Do I love them? Will I dress the boys in these outfits? I got rid of several things. We even made a trip to Goodwill last week to get rid of clothes. I know that I have been slow in changing the clothes. I need to go through the closet still and the adult dresser to sort out the winter clothes to put away or give away and figure out what summer clothes I want to get rid of. I have so many things I have had for years that I have fallen out of love for. I have another box of clothes already started with stuff to donate. If anyone wants any 18 month boys clothes let me know, I have several almost new outfits in my give away box that I don’t love. I need to go though the 24 month/2T tub still, but I am sure I will have several things out of those as well.

Yesterday as I was picking up the house I kept repeating to myself, “Cleaning done imperfectly still blesses.” I wasn’t striving for perfection just cleaner and picked up. I have a full garbage can and recyling bin out to the road for garbage day. Definitely progress in the decluttering and getting the house cleaner. Reading the flylady’s emails have helped me change my thinking in regards to housework and I would say also my attitude.

I was very happy this the dinner I made last night. Last week to help with our finances I made a main dish menu and a shopping list. It has been nice this last week to look at the list and make the decision if we want to have the main dish that night and figuring out what we want to have with it. We haven’t perfectly followed the menu I wrote out, I sure has helped. I plan on doing the same thing again before we go shopping on Thursday or Friday. Since we have to go the Saginaw for doctors appointment on Friday, maybe we will go to Alddi’s and see if there is anything on my list that will be cheaper there.

I still don’t have a new job, but it seems to be getting closer. The manager wanted to talk to some others from Ingham (where I used to work) before she offers me the job. It was nice to talk to some old co-workers yesterday to verify their phone numbers and get their permission to pass on their phone numbers. I really need to talk to them more often.

Well, both the boys are on to other things, so I should probably get some stuff done before I go to work today (fold a load of clothes and empty the dishwasher) and fix some breakfast for my hungry boys.

It’s Saturday and I am tired

3 weeks since I posted.  You know I have either been busy, not doing much on the computer, or tired.  Or is it all of the above!

William for the last 3 days, at least, if not longer, has been waking up at 6 am or before.  This morning was 5:30.  That does NOT work well at this house.  Sleep is an important issue at this house.  I usually don’t get home until 3 am so waking up at 6 means 3 hours of sleep for me before getting woke up.  I would love to have 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at least, but it seems like it never happens.  Russ has been good about getting up with him for a while so I can sleep some more, but the noise of the house doesn’t make it easy.  I tried darkening the window, since sunrise is about 5:45 but that didn’t seem to help.

I had a job interview yesterday for a night shift position.  I am very interested in the position.  I didn’t think that I would ever want to go back to night shift but here I am seriously considering taking a nights position.  It will take some adjustments, but I think it can be done.  Tyler and William are both going to have to learn to let mommy sleep during the day and we will have to figure out better heat control in our room.  I think we need to add a fan for constant air movement, since I will have to sleep with the door closed for noise control.  Thankfully we have a window air conditioner for the summer heat and humidity.

On the knitting front.  I have just the button bands left to knit on the sweater I am making for a friend’s preemie.  I still have to seam the entire thing, I have 1 of the 4 shoulder seams done, and buy and add the buttons.  I am trying to decide if I am going to mail it to her, she lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or hold onto it until they might come in the middle of July.  Her mom mailed some shoes about 2 weeks ago and they haven’t gotten there yet when I talked to her on Thursday.  So by the time I get it finished, I almost should hold on to it.  The little guy may finally be getting out of the NICU in the next week, 12 weeks after birth.  He had a few more tests to pass then he could go home.