Works of God Monday

I don’t think I can even come close to describing in words the beauty God allowed me to see this morning.  Today I worked my 4th 12 hour shift in 5 days.  On my way to work this morning there was a beautiful sunrise.  There was a low lying cloud line perfectly over the roadway with the sun coming up behind the cloud line.  It was so beautiful!!!!  My first thought was this looks like I am driving into the mountains, especially coming up to an overpass.  The way things looked reminded my of driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike (you can tell I spent a lot of time traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in elementary and junior high school.)

I was thankful to see it as it reminded me of God’s goodness.  Today could have been very stressful at work.  There is a lot of stress related to our unit, and only our unit, right now.  Our management is very stressed.  It ended up being a good day.  We had a good crew working and I think I am finally getting to fully understand my job and what my responsibilities are.  We had fun, even in the crazy moments and I got out very close to on time, much better than I did the end of last week.  I even got to stop at Apple Valley Yarn Company tonight for knit nite, even if it was only about 20 minutes.  It was still a chance to rest and unwind before going home.

God is so good at giving reminders of His grace.


I have a GREAT husband!!!

I know I don’t do enough to praise him and if I am not careful I cut him down, especially in front of family and close friends with things I get frustrated about.


He has been awesome!!!!

Yesterday I had to take my grandma to a doctors appointment because my sister is out of town.  The appointment was in the early afternoon.  I got back about 4 and promptly went and laid down because I knew I had a short time to rest before I went to work.  Even though he was tired, he got up with the boys since they were waking up from their naps so I could rest.  As I was getting ready to head out the door I made a comment, for him to pray for me since I was going to work all night with very little sleep.  I had only slept about 30 minutes and rested for an hour more, but couldn’t fall asleep.  Normally before working a night shift, I take a 2-3 hour nap.  He offered to take me to work, though it meant that he would get little sleep between his sleep issues and having to get up at 6:30 to come get me from work.  So we quickly got everyone ready to go out the door, since we had to leave within less than 5 minutes to get to work on time.

He was great this morning.  He put up with taking my grandma to get her labs done (that was planned yesterday since it was easier to do it after I got out of work), going to pick up her prescriptions, me finally changing out of my work clothes at my grandmas (he brought me a change of clothes), going to the post office to mail some papers to my dad for my grandma, then to William’s physical therapy.  When we got home from PT, I promptly went to bed 11:30ish am (27 hours awake, with the fore mentioned nap).  He kept the boys quiet and put them down for their naps do I could sleep.  He has even taken care of all the meals today (a job we usually share when I am home).

I am still tired, but very thankful for a kind and thoughtful husband who was so good today taking care of all of us.  I love you, Russ!!

Wordless Wednesday

Works of God Monday

God showed Himself very real to me on Saturday.  I was very out of sorts and I could not figure out why.  I am sure that the pregnancy hormones were not helping.  I just did not want to do anything, was grumpy, and short with Russ and the kids.  I did start working on getting the dishes done, even though I did not want to.  While I was doing them, I started praying.  “Why God am I feeling this way?”

I heard the still quiet voice, “Because you haven’t spent time with me.”  It is rare that I felt God talk to me in that way, but it was so true.  It had been 3 weeks since I had been to church, I worked 2 weeks ago and this past Sunday and when we went up to Boyne we did not go to church the weekend between working.  I do not know when the last time was that I read my Bible.

So after I finished the dishes, I took a bath and took my Bible with me.  I decided to read the Psalms and Proverb of the day.  Psalm 62:1-2 really helped.

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.

He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

I can rely on God and trust him when I am feeling out of sorts.

While I missed church again because of work, I feel so much better and closer to God.  I am striving to get back into the habit of doing my devotions daily.  It helps to know that I can turn to God when I get so out of sorts, to get my attitude straightened out.

Our busy lives

I know I haven’t posted in a while, between going out of town, working, and really working on cleaning my house and decluttering (a lot more of that to go) I haven’t spent much time on the computer.

Last weekend we went up to my dad’s condo at Boyne Mountain for a very short trip – I worked Friday night shift and Monday night shift, but we made the most of the time.  I wasn’t sure where I had put the camera so I didn’t get any pictures of the boys playing with their aunts. Kelly (16), who usually doesn’t get much time because she is not as fun as Aunt Brittany, was the only one of my sisters there when we arrived Saturday morning.  Tyler and William both had fun playing with her and her friend, Kacey, who also has younger nephews that she is used to playing with.

Brittany (13), (yes my sisters are that much younger than me!) arrived later in the afternoon with Grandpa Sandy (really Grandma Sandy, Tyler started calling her Grandpa Sandy since we refer to her and my dad as Grandpa and Grandma Sandy).  After that pair arrived Kelly was no longer interesting and she could go back to what “she” wanted to do — chase boys or look for boys.  Brittany got almost tortured.  Brittany and Tyler ended up making a “leash” so they could play doggie.  Brit even ended up crawling down the stairs facing forward at one point.  They spent a good part of the time playing doggie, but they also read books and did a fair amount of TV watching.

We did go to Avalanche Bay at Boyne.  I doubt we as a family will go again until after the baby is born.  I was so thankful that my dad paid for our tickets to get in, because in my eyes it was expensive.  The boys did well, they both loved going on the one water side that the whole family could go on.  I couldn’t do the “big” slides because of the pregnancy and Russ wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t feel up to taking Tyler down the slides.  We went down the one slide we could several times.  William and Tyler both loved it.  Tyler even learned to go running when the “Avalanche” comes to go get dumped on by the water.

Monday before we left we went to Deer Lake and let the boys play in the sand.  Tyler even walked out to one of the buoys with Brittany.  When we go up in the summer we will definitely hit the lake since it is one of the few “free” activities we have found at Boyne along with ridding the ski lift up and down the mountain which both boys loved.

The house has been driving me nuts, it is so messy and dirty.  Since we got back from Boyne we have really been working on cleaning the house.  I was working at it before we left, but have really been working at it since we got home.  I got off tract with being gone and not having enough sleep over the weekend.  I have gotten some areas started well, but there is a lot more work to do.  Alot of decluttering to do.