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Russ told me Sunday night that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in Holt where we used to live. Today we were watching the ABC12 news 5pm news, which we don’t usually watch and I found out who the family is. I know them!! Arlene Nickless is one of the sweetest people I know. I knew her husband a little better. Tim was one of the ICU nurses that we would call on night shift if we had a hard IV start. He taught me lot about IV starts and different areas of nursing as well. I almost never do an IV start without thinking about him. I knew he had been ill and last I had heard he wasn’t doing well. I had not heard that he had died, but I haven’t talked to my old co-workers much since we moved from the Lansing area.

I am so excited for them. One of the last times I talked to Tim, he had mentioned the condition of the house and how he wanted to get it fixed up for Arlene and the kids before he died. Here is a link to a story about them and if you play the video pictures of Tim and Arlene, not the Tim I first remember as a new nurse, but Tim of recent years.

Congratulations Arlene!! I will always remember Tim with fondness.


Jib Jab Cartoon – I love these

These are always fun cartoons and have gotten so much better over the years.  Enjoy.

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Having a hard time getting it to work right.

OB appointment & general update

Yesterday I had my 25 week OB appointment with the midwife at my OB office.  I really like the midwife there.  We discussed some concerns that had crept up over the last couple of weeks, a little pea-sized tender lump right below my knee – probably a lymph node, palpitations after benedryl to help me sleep for work and a couple of other things.

I am thinking about most likely skipping rhogam this time during pregnancy.  I read a great book on the topic that gave a balanced perspective on the subject Anti-D in Midwifery: Pancea or Paradox by Sara Wickham.  This link gives a synopsis of the book, that I found just now.  The new PA at the OB office was training with the midwife, so she came in first and gave me the reasons why I should take it, which I do understand the risks for me and any future pregnancies.  The midwife’s comment about the during pregnancy rhogam “It is old school thinking.”  My thoughts after doing my research that it was old school, new school thinking.  The OB office does do titers for senitization before the rhogam is given during pregnacy which I was glad to see.  So if my titer is positive I will take it, if it is negative I will not.

We also talked about my plans for a home birth.  My mom had been concerned about the OB office knowing about it, since I need to see them to get my paperwork done for my maternity leave at work.  The midwife is fine with the home delivery with the homebirth midwife, as long as the placenta has moved.  I was diagnosed with a low-lying placenta at my 21 week ultrasound.  I did tell her that it could be a deciding factor in home vs hospital, which she was relieved about.  I have another ultrasound scheduled in 5 weeks to see if the placenta has moved.  Planning a homebirth also plays a big part in my plans to skip the rhogam – less risk of intervention during birth that could precipitate a sensitization.

It is interesting to me to how my thoughts about pregnancy and birth have changed over the years since I was pregnant with my first.  I have become more educated.  I was still very much anti-intervention with all my pregnancies, but I have learned more about interventions and more about birth in general over the years.  I think some of it has to do with the friend I have collected over my parenting years and the information that is out there that I didn’t know much about.

We have been busy – working on decluttering the house (don’t expect to see a lot of progress, but there is progress), spending time with the boys, work, and general life.  We were in Lansing Labor Day weekend for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for my oldest niece birthday.  Tyler loved the roller coaster ride (a moving seat with a video screen with the view from the front car of the ride.)  He was screaming like he was on the actual ride, it was so funny.  He loves to pretend that the overpass near our house is a roller coaster.  It was a nice relaxing time.  My mother in law and I got a lot of knitting done on Sunday. Here are the socks I was working on that weekend.  I almost have the 2nd one done.

Recent Tyler-ism “The mystery of the missing green.”  Referring to our van that needed to be washed, right before we got it washed.  Made me think of something from Scooby D*o.