Have to Share

Russ told me Sunday night that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in Holt where we used to live. Today we were watching the ABC12 news 5pm news, which we don’t usually watch and I found out who the family is. I know them!! Arlene Nickless is one of the sweetest people I know. I knew her husband a little better. Tim was one of the ICU nurses that we would call on night shift if we had a hard IV start. He taught me lot about IV starts and different areas of nursing as well. I almost never do an IV start without thinking about him. I knew he had been ill and last I had heard he wasn’t doing well. I had not heard that he had died, but I haven’t talked to my old co-workers much since we moved from the Lansing area.

I am so excited for them. One of the last times I talked to Tim, he had mentioned the condition of the house and how he wanted to get it fixed up for Arlene and the kids before he died. Here is a link to a story about them and if you play the video pictures of Tim and Arlene, not the Tim I first remember as a new nurse, but Tim of recent years.

Congratulations Arlene!! I will always remember Tim with fondness.


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