Just what I needed

My friends who I see on  regular basis have heard how busy these 2 weeks are that we are in the middle of.  I am working my 3 days each week on top of everything else.  Tuesday ended up having 5 appointments scheduled, though only 3 ended up happening because Monday night William started vomiting so that canceled 2 of the appointments. Next week we have 5 appointments spread through out the week, though 2 of them are at our house, so I need to find time to clean the house, plus I am in a wedding on Saturday.

One of the appointments last Tuesday was to meet with the surgeon about a breast tumor my grandma had.  Thursday she ended up having a surgery for breast cancer.  I had to work that day so I haven’t seen her since surgery, but I hope to see her today.

Thursday night we drove down to the Lansing area, since my mother in law also had surgery yesterday, a new knee.  That is where the blessing comes in.  I went and got some yarn (at Threadbear) for  project I want to have done for next weekend, that I got started right away.  Then Russ and I ended up sitting with my father in law while we were waiting for the surgery to be done.  It was so nice to be able to just relax and not have much to do except knit, listen to my MP3 player (something I almost never do) and enjoy the time with my father in law.  I wasn’t able to take a nap, about the only other thing I would have liked to do.  Sandy (my dad’s wife) was watching the boys, so I didn’t even have to think about them.   We had almost 4 hours to practically do nothing, but wait.  So nice, since it was not a stressful surgery to us and something she had wanted done for years.  (Unlike other surgeries she has had in past years)

With all the stress I have been having recently, it was so nice to have a lower stress day.  It was a day I could just relax.  I think I am ready for the next crazy week.


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  1. cinnamonamon
    Nov 24, 2008 @ 03:10:58

    Glad to see you get a break!


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