Still Cooking

Yes, this baby still hasn’t made it appearance.  We have joked that maybe it will be today with the snow storm.  I am off work.  When I couldn’t make it though my entire shift on Sunday, I decided that it was time to be done and my OB office agreed and took me off.  Because the OB office took me off I don’t have to worry about my paycheck.

I saw on the news this morning that Michelle Duggar, the mom of now 18 kids that was due New Years Day had her baby yesterday.  If you would like to see a story about it, click here.  Now it most people that I knew about that were due around me have delivered, granted my earliest due date is tomorrow.  My midwife is planning on going to visit her dad that is in the hopsital 2 hours away tomorrow, so I woud really like to have this baby today so that she can do that and not worry about me.


“I’m Done”

“Come on baby make your appearance.  Mommy is ready to hold you in her arms instead of in her belly.  My hips hurt.  I am having a hard time sleeping.  I am sick of being uncomfortable.  I am ready to see you!!!”

I am still working, I think.  I am going to see if I can get my OB office on Tuesday to take me off work.  I was going to to work 2 more days, but I am so tried now.  I only made it 8 hours yesterday, instead of my 12 hour shift.  Thankfully my co-workers we very nice and while they didn’t have another nurse to send, they took over my patients for me so I could go home.  We had lots of nursing assistants, which was helpful.  Everyone could tell that I was tired and I was doing way more waddling that I had been.  Russ drew me a bath even before I got home, so I could get right in, then I laid on the couch for another hour or so before I did anything or wanted to do anything but rest.  We were watching the Flintstones version of “A Christmas Carol” on Boomerang.  It was good.  Russ, William and I just cuddled on the couch (Tyler was at Grandma’s).

Now I am just doing my end of pregnacy insomnia.  I hear William awake, but I think daddy has him cuddling with him now, so he will be back to sleep soon.  He is definately my cuddle boy.  Tonight it was finally writting a blog post instead of facebook.  Well I might go over to facebook next, if I don’t start knitting on my brother-in-laws Christmas present and turn on the TV.  I hope I can get comfortable enough to go back to sleep soon.