Maternity Leave Over

I can’t believe my maternity leave is over and I have already been back to work for 2 weeks, though I have only worked 4 of the 6 shifts I was scheduled.

I think we have settled in pretty well being a family of 5. I really enjoyed my maternity leave this time, I didn’t have near the same money concerns this time (though money is really tight right now) and the transition wasn’t that bad.

Russ and I were able to work out a lot of routines while I was off, now to translate them to going back to work. It didn’t help that the first week back to work I ended up calling in twice because the whole family got sick. The doctor thought William might have menigitis so we were sent to the ER. It turns out he just had a high fever that was making him look bad. Two days later Tyler wakes me up with “My ear hurts” so back to the doctor with him and Daniel who wasn’t feeding well. Tyler had a double ear infection and she thought Daniel might have RSV. He tested negative for RSV, but still was a goobery mess of several days.