Now to Rehab

God was good once again.  Russ got out of ICU after a 2 night stay.  Thankfully he only had to spend one night with a very needy roommate, who I think was on his call light 30 times in the space of 5 hours that I was there on Tuesday (only a slight exaggeration, truly).  William had his first PT in a new place and I wanted to be there for that so I missed the surgeon, but not the hospitalist because I came in the afternoon.  She was the one I really wanted to see anyway.  I suggested to her a consult to see if he would qualify for rehab.  She said that the trauma service usually did that consult, but seeing who the attending on was she was willing to write it.  I found out later that she called over to rehab to see which doctor to give the consult too (Thank you Iris and Linda).

As I was leaving for the night, I saw one of the rehab doctors.  I turned right around and put my stuff back in Russ’ room and went back out to talk to him.  He saw me and I told him what was going on.  They had not even looked at Russ’ orders yet to see the consult, but quickly checked and he came to see Russ.  He explained everything to us.  I finally understand how serious the break was and why it has caused so much pain and the need for the surgery.  I think he was on the edge of qualifying, but he did qualify for rehab.  I have explained to the doctor our situation for me being able to take time off work, since I had very little FMLA left after maternity leave.  (Thankfully I hadn’t taken my whole 12 weeks).

One of the biggest problems has been pain control.  They just were not getting it under control.  Medications were working a little, but he was not eating and was always telling me he was in a lot of pain.  I could tell, he was very, very quiet and not asking many questions about the kids and things going on at home.  You could see in his face, they were making him stoned.  That night the doctor changed some things.  It was better, but not were it needed to be for Russ to come home, once they found the dosing for the blood thinners.

Wednesday, I went to work.  Russ was doing better, so it wasn’t as hard to go to work as it was on Saturday (2 days after surgery, the day before ICU).  The rehab doctor said that maybe he could be transfered on Wednesday if everyone else agreed.  I was on pins and needles until I heard that he was coming to rehab.  Then I was excited for him to come.  I work in the same building that the inpatient rehab unit is in, so know many of the staff.  They came up to me during the day and gave me mini reports and asked some questions.  I was able to give the hospitalist that is working in our building a brief run down of Russ’ history before he came.

His pain was still bad Wednesday night.  Thursday the did a major change of his pain meds and they are working!  He hadn’t needed the IV pain meds all day and that was even with doing PT and OT.  He was so much more alert last night, asking for food and asking me questions about other things.  I managed to even see most of the doctors, even though I was working yesterday.  They have conulted infectious disease doctors, since he has been running temps and put him on strong antibotics.  I wish I would have known that and I would have tried to run up (Russ’ room is one floor above the one I work on) when he was there, since I could have answered some of the questions that he asked Russ and he wasn’t sure of the answers.  This could be worrysome, or could end up being nothing.  We do want to keep a close eye for infection, since it would be bad to get an infection in the surgery site.

So far I feel like the rehab stay has been 2-3 steps forward and 1 step back.  I am hopeful that it will be a 10 day stay, like the doctor initally thought it might be.  If he has to come home on antibotics, we can handle that.


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  1. Mindy
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 18:19:34

    Autum –
    Thank you for taking the time to update the blog even when you have so much going on.

    Holding you up in mighty prayer!



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