Russ is home

It has been a good weekend.  Russ is home for the hospital.   I brought him home with me on Friday evening.  We only had Daniel for the night that night.  The older 2 boys came home the next night.

We are settling into a routine of sorts.  Russ and I are learning to work together on taking care of his basic needs and pain.   He is doing very well, in handling the pain.  We still have some hurdles to cross in him being able to take care of himself, the big thing being his brace since it is difficult to put on yourself.  I don’t think it is impossible, but it is not easy.

Tyler is loving school.  He started the day that Russ was moved to rehab.  My mom is the Teacher’s Assistant in his classroom, so “Mena” is still taking care of him.  Today she was the teacher, since the “real” teacher was out sick.  He is so excited about the field trip on Wednesday and getting to ride on a “real school bus.”

William doesn’t have physical therapy as he usually does on Tuesdays because his theapist has other appointments that she had to attend.  The in home PT will be here in the morning to work with Russ, though.  He started his speech therapy last week, and I am looking forward to see how he progresses with that.

Next week will be another set of changes as I go back to work on Sunday.  My sister is going to take Daniel, and I think my mom is going to have the older 2.  I told my sister she would have the week off this week, but she is going to end up watching 1 or 2 still 3 days this week as Russ has 2 doctors appointments and I have a class I need to attend for work.  I am not working my 12s this week, but I am still taking care of work things.

God is so good to us, while Russ getting injuried was the last thing we would have wanted.  I can see how it is working for good and maybe he will come out of this much healthier than he has been.  I know it has been good for weight loss, which he needed to do anyway.


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  1. Sandra
    Apr 28, 2009 @ 16:11:50

    Yay! Praise the Lord that he was able to come home. We’ll be praying for all of you as this journey continues.


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