General Family Update

Until I just logged in to post this update I didn’t realize that it had been over a month since I sent an update.  May was a very busy month as you can imagine with Russ just having come home from the hospital and all his doctor appointments, William’s birthday and his doctor appointments, Daniel even through in his own doctor appointment (well check), and end of  the school year for Tyler.  My May calendar was crazy, it was bad before Russ’ accident then got exponentially worse after.

Russ is doing well now.  On his follow up appointment last week he was able to get rid of his hard brace.  The doctor told him to wear it if he was doing anything strenuous that could cause pain, I haven’t seen it on him since he took it off on the way home.  We are still struggling with getting his blood levels good on the blood thinner related to his blood clot, so he is till having weekly blood draws.

The older boys have been home for about 2 weeks now while I am at work.  Daniel has been home for the last week.  It was too hard for Russ to take care of him with the hard brace.  I think they still have their moments, but it is getting better.  Russ still has a lifting restriction and isn’t to be lifting the older boys, Daniel he has permission to lift.  We have hired our neighbor’s 15 year old grandson to help with the kids, housework, and yard work.  Tyler is loving having a “big brother” to play with.  I think it is going well, though I would like to see more of the to do list done when I get home from work.  Yes, I am being a task master from work and would like to see the things done.


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