No wonder we don’t walk

One of the blogs I read just posted a link to Walk Score.  Very interesting.  I checked a few addresses, our old address that we moved from 2 years ago 78, very walkable.  Our current address 6, car dependent.  My mom’s address 12, car dependent.

You can definitely tell the difference even that 6 points make between our current house and my mom’s.  I did a lot more walking when I lived at my moms and almost none at our current house.  BIG excuse for not walking here and pretty legitimate, we live on a busy country road that cars are already going 55 or more by the time they get to our house and we are only 1/2 mile off the highway.  It is not safe to take kids walking down the road.

At our old house it was easy to go for a mile or 2 walk .  We just had to pick which triangle we wanted to walk.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to walk down to the libary or to the convience store.  You can tell the lack of easy walking in both Russ and my weight.

We need to get ourselves down to the rail trail to walk.  It is only a mile from our house.  Of course, we will drive to the parking area nearby.


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