Being Thankful

Yesterday afternoon I was in one my my funks I get into being tired and the kids not doing what I want them to do.  Frankly I was getting angry and discouraged.  (Ok they needed to take naps, and eventually all of us did even mom and dad.)

So instead of getting angry I got remembering that I should be thankful.  Boy did that get rid of the anger fast.

Here is a list of some of the thing I am thankful for

  • I have kids that I can get mad at, when others may just be wishing for one kid of their own
  • I have a bed with blankets to sleep in.  Russ and I do need a new bed, but I am thankful for the one I have.  It is better than sleeping on the floor with or without blankets.
  • I have a secure job.  While I may not always like the shifts I am assigned, I have a good job. So many these days are looking for one.
  • We have a variety of foods to eat.  So just have a choice of 1 or 2 foods.
  • We have the option and can afford to send our son to a private school.  Others are just looking for a way to get an education.  It is a stretch each month to pay the bill, but we can.
  • We have a vehicle to drive.  It may not be the exact one we want to have, and we would like to have another.  We still have one and it gets me faithfully to work, 30 miles away and has space to transport the entire family.
  • We have a roof over our heads and heat.  Yes we would like to own our own home, but we are thankful for what we have.  With the way the economy is we can be thankful to have a house to live in a heat.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tiffiny Shea
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 22:44:44

    I have never wanted kids. I recently tried to reconsider that notion because I’m getting older and recently came back to the same conclusion. A life of messes, appointments, rushing around and getting nothing I really want to do done is just not for me. I admire women who can actually give such huge parts of themselves away to other people, for the sake of other people. I can’t do that. I want me for me only.

    But from someone who is sort of selfish and has decided to devote her life to improving herself only, your writing made me wish I could give you a humble note of advice. It’s my little thought to you, but you can take it or leave it, either way, as it comes from a very very different outside life. So here it is…

    don’t worry about being wrong or doing things wrong. The things you write about make me think that you are constantly on watch, keeping track of the little things you might do wrong, telling you you’re bad about things like getting angry, or spending too much time on your computer. It’s true, computers suck your time like nothing else can, and it’s a good idea to try to stay off them if you want to be productive. But don’t feel bad about it, don’t feel bad about being angry, and don’t feel guilty. You are always doing the best you can, even when you’re angry. You deserve to be angry sometimes. It’s healthy. You deserve time to yourself, it’s healthy. Don’t give all of you away, take some for yourself and love you just as much as you love the ones around you. This is the most important thing you can do for your family. They will feel you loving yourself and learn to love themselves too. It’s good for self esteem.

    You question whether or not you are doing right in other’s eyes, including your maker. Don’t worry. You have in you everything you need already… you are already a good person. You don’t have to try any more. Everybody on the planet has things about themselves that they are proud of, and things they wish they didn’t have or thoughts or feelings that they deem terrible. It’s okay to have that, it’s called being a human. You don’t have to berate yourself, you are just fine, with all of it… all the good that you do as well as all the bad, just living and breathing and going about your life will get you into heaven, because you are already made good, you can see that by the things you say. So you can just let yourself be. Be angry, happy, terrible, whatever you want, because you are already a lovely person no matter what you do.


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