Modern Conveniences: Blessings or Curses

This has been a stressful morning. I have a lot going on right now: a messy, trashed house, lots of dirty dishes to wash, appointments for 2 different kids today that is going to take most of the day, a “surprise” yard sale to prepare for, working the next 2 days. You get the picture.

What did I do as soon as I came down stairs, I got on the computer! I didn’t get a diaper changed, make my kids breakfast, monitor them to try to prevent more messes or wasting of food. Yes, I was doing things I wanted done, but did they need to be done this morning, NO. I really needed to make my kids a good breakfast, hey I needed a good, balanced breakfast with some protein. I needed to get the laundry put away that I had got done yesterday, and I did get some put away.

Modern conveniences are blessings and curses. My washing machine is helpful I wouldn’t have gotten all the laundry done yesterday without it. I line dried most of my clothes yesterday, but when it was late and some of it wasn’t dry yet, I was able to put them in the dryer. I miss my dishwasher at times. It was leaking pretty bad when we quit using it a few months ago. We think it is just the door seal, but aren’t sure. I am finding I don’t mind hand washing dishes, but I miss the convenience of being able to put the dishes in there and coming out clean and odorless.

They can be curses as well, take my example of the computer this morning. I wasted way to much time on there that I could have spent getting my housework done or getting ready for the day. My baby kept asking for my attention and so did the bigger boys by making messes.

Do I wish I lived in the days before many of these conveniences? Probably not. I just need to learn how to be a better steward of my time, know when to say No and when to say Yes.

Ephesians 5:16 (NIV)
Making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.