We began our “Wednesday Night Rat Race”

My bestfriend is laughing at me for saying this, “starting the Wednesday night rat race,” but that is the way I was thinking about it.  Last night Tyler started Cubbies through Awana at my mom’s church.  He really liked it but had to sit with my sister’s niece.  It didn’t help that she did the flirt move with him.  It is going to be some work for mom and dad to help him on his sections and learn his verses.

To explain the Wednesday night rat race — as a kid I remember Wednesday nights being crazy, get home from school, any homework that needed to be done (if we had homework, I went to Christian schools that tried not to give homework on Wednesday and there were no sports practices on Wednesday as well), usually since there was no homework or sports they would have service activities for the teens after school, then quick home eat dinner, and back to church for Awana or youth group.  It was busy.  I totally expect that we will have at least 17 more years of the busy Wednesday night, unless we have more kids then more years.


Projects Started

Russ and I have been busy the last 2 days working on the garage.  One of the projects on my last post.  It has been beautiful weather for the boys to play outside while we are working and to get the work done.  I probably should have taken some before and after pictures.  Our camera is still MIA (still haven’t given the room I think it is in a GOOD cleaning), but I did take a picture of the garage with my phone.Garage
As you can still it still needs some work, but it is getting much closer to being able to get the car in.

I have been also organizing my craft/sewing stuff as we have been finding the boxes in the garage.  I have one more tub to unpack and put away.  It is nice to have an area that I can just dedicate to storage of that stuff.  Since I had the space I decided to hang most of my fabric on hangers.  It should be easy to find fabric when I need it.  Now to get started on those pesky sewing projects.  I already have a drawer full of fabric scraps that are large enough to be used some way and a bag full of too small scraps.

Tomorrow still a lot going on — playgroup, class at work, and Tyler is starting Cubbies at my mom’s church.  I am not sure how much cleaning we will get done, since the day is already pretty full.  Russ might get some done while the boys and I are at playgroup.