Happy New Year

We did get everything done with returning the rental car, except it took us almost twice as long as it should have to drive down to Lansing to return the rental car.  It was snowing pretty good when we left and it took us almost 2.5 hours to drive down (normally 1.5 hour trip).  The boys both did pretty good.  We split them up when we were in 2 cars, I did have to deal with a screaming boy for part of the trip especially since he didn’t have his brother to entertain him.

As I look back over the last few months I can see how God has been providing for us.  The van is already almost paid off and should be once I get the check for the remainder of the payoff from the insurance company from the credit union that held our loan, thanks to an unexpected gift.  Thank you.

2008 is definately looking up for us.  I am starting to very clearly see some areas of my life that need some work and already have plans to work on them.  So of them I have already started doing.

I do have a list of things I want to work on this year.  I wouldn’t call them “resulutions,” but rather goals.

  • Daily or near daily Bible reading and prayer.  I would say I do pray daily, but my Bible study has really been lacking over the last few years and I know that is something that needs to change.  I really stuggle to know what to read and need to have a “plan” to follow.  I am just going to concentrate on reading through the New Testament this year.
  • De-clutter my house.  Russ is saying how the clutter is driving him nuts.  We both really need to work on it.  Moving last summer really opened our eyes to how much “stuff” we have and how most of it we don’t even use and haven’t used in years.  I am planning on making good use of the van to haul stuff away from here.  May make my first of many stops for the new year to Goodwill today.  We really need to get the garage cleaned out so that we can park the van in there, especially since my uncle came and picked up the lawnmower so we could get the van in there.
  • Get myself in better physical shape.  Enough said.
  • Budget and save money.  We wouldn’t have had half the struggles we have had over the last few years if we had been following those steps.  For our  wedding anniversary my mom gave us Your Money Map, by Howard Dayton.  Stop number one — live on a budget and have $1,000 emergency savings.  That is my goal (and I dare say Russ’ as well) and should be possible long before the end of the year.
  • Relationship building.  I see some relationships that need a lot of work right now.

Pieces of the puzzle falling together

When I went to bed last night I wasn’t sure how today was going to unfold, but it is noon and it looks like everything is going to work out.

Called the guy we are buying the van from this morning — Letting him know I needed the title to the van today so I could get to the Secretary of State (DMV for those not in Michigan) and get the plates transferred. He called me about 11:30, he is cleaning out the van and will be over with the title and van for us to keep went he is done cleaning.

Called Enterprise — $100 to return the rental car to a location other than rented from. NO THANK YOU! It is cheaper to drive 2 cars down to Lansing to return the rental than paying the fee.

Called my mom — She is helping pay for the van as part of our Christmas. Made the trip to the credit union, now have the cash to pay for the van.

Call car insurance company — they can fax the proof of insurance to the Secretary of State. Got the insurance done on the van.

Called the credit union that held the loan on our old car — they are mailing a cashiers check today for the difference in the payoff and payout by the insurance company.

So by the end of the day should have the trip to Sec of State done and the rental car done. So I did a lot of thinking about possible scenarios for nothing — finding a babysitter for Tyler if need be, trying to figure out if their was an easier way to make only one trip to return the rental car.

Hopefully the snow will hold off until we are back home. May not get to watch MSU Spartans play their bowl game tonight. Oh well, though I was looking forward to watching it.

Update on our world

Christmas was very nice.  I was very happy with the gifts we gave the boys and all the gifts that they got from grandparents, aunts & uncles.  It is hard to say what the favorite gift is.  The best part is not going way overboard with purchases.  We did not have to money to spend, so all told I don’t think we spent more than $100 total for gifts given this year and I have a pile of gifts set aside for Tyler’s birthday in February..

The car situation is almost settled.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have in our possession our new vehicle, ’94 Dodge Mini-van.  I still have yet to see it, but I trust my husband and uncle that it will be a good vehicle for us.  I do need to contact the seller tomorrow to get my hands on the title, so I can get the plates and get it insured.  The insurance company will only pay for the rental car through Saturday noon and we may have to take it back to Lansing — on my list of phone calls to make.  I did find out that the Seceratry of State in Midland is clossed Monday and Tuesday, so I really have to do that trip tomorrow.

Well, I better get to bed, so I can get everything done tomorrow.

Trying to decide what to do

I talked to the adjuster this morning (well yesterday since it is 2 am) and he is going to total the car out.  We wish it wasn’t that way, but it is the way it is.  I inquired about a loan at the credit union and they said that they could not give us a loan at this time.  So now what to do?  Do we buy an inexpensive older car with anything we might get back after our loan is paid off?  What if we don’t get anything back after the loan payoff?  Do we try to get a car through one of those places that says we will get you financed as long as you are working?

Tough decisions . . . . I wonder what Russ has thought about today in regards to the car situation.