Funny Things Kids Say

Yesterday my in-laws stopped by for a short visit. They actually got to our house before we did as Tyler had been at school and Russ and I had been gone for the morning. Russ got out to be with his parents while I backed the van in the garage. Tyler noticed that they all had canes. “Mommy, why do they all have canes? Is it because Daddy broke his back and they are just old?”. He said it so innocently, I was laughing. He has hit that age that I never know when something funny is going to come out of his mouth.


Being Thankful

Yesterday afternoon I was in one my my funks I get into being tired and the kids not doing what I want them to do.  Frankly I was getting angry and discouraged.  (Ok they needed to take naps, and eventually all of us did even mom and dad.)

So instead of getting angry I got remembering that I should be thankful.  Boy did that get rid of the anger fast.

Here is a list of some of the thing I am thankful for

  • I have kids that I can get mad at, when others may just be wishing for one kid of their own
  • I have a bed with blankets to sleep in.  Russ and I do need a new bed, but I am thankful for the one I have.  It is better than sleeping on the floor with or without blankets.
  • I have a secure job.  While I may not always like the shifts I am assigned, I have a good job. So many these days are looking for one.
  • We have a variety of foods to eat.  So just have a choice of 1 or 2 foods.
  • We have the option and can afford to send our son to a private school.  Others are just looking for a way to get an education.  It is a stretch each month to pay the bill, but we can.
  • We have a vehicle to drive.  It may not be the exact one we want to have, and we would like to have another.  We still have one and it gets me faithfully to work, 30 miles away and has space to transport the entire family.
  • We have a roof over our heads and heat.  Yes we would like to own our own home, but we are thankful for what we have.  With the way the economy is we can be thankful to have a house to live in a heat.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

General Family Update

Until I just logged in to post this update I didn’t realize that it had been over a month since I sent an update.  May was a very busy month as you can imagine with Russ just having come home from the hospital and all his doctor appointments, William’s birthday and his doctor appointments, Daniel even through in his own doctor appointment (well check), and end of  the school year for Tyler.  My May calendar was crazy, it was bad before Russ’ accident then got exponentially worse after.

Russ is doing well now.  On his follow up appointment last week he was able to get rid of his hard brace.  The doctor told him to wear it if he was doing anything strenuous that could cause pain, I haven’t seen it on him since he took it off on the way home.  We are still struggling with getting his blood levels good on the blood thinner related to his blood clot, so he is till having weekly blood draws.

The older boys have been home for about 2 weeks now while I am at work.  Daniel has been home for the last week.  It was too hard for Russ to take care of him with the hard brace.  I think they still have their moments, but it is getting better.  Russ still has a lifting restriction and isn’t to be lifting the older boys, Daniel he has permission to lift.  We have hired our neighbor’s 15 year old grandson to help with the kids, housework, and yard work.  Tyler is loving having a “big brother” to play with.  I think it is going well, though I would like to see more of the to do list done when I get home from work.  Yes, I am being a task master from work and would like to see the things done.

Maternity Leave Over

I can’t believe my maternity leave is over and I have already been back to work for 2 weeks, though I have only worked 4 of the 6 shifts I was scheduled.

I think we have settled in pretty well being a family of 5. I really enjoyed my maternity leave this time, I didn’t have near the same money concerns this time (though money is really tight right now) and the transition wasn’t that bad.

Russ and I were able to work out a lot of routines while I was off, now to translate them to going back to work. It didn’t help that the first week back to work I ended up calling in twice because the whole family got sick. The doctor thought William might have menigitis so we were sent to the ER. It turns out he just had a high fever that was making him look bad. Two days later Tyler wakes me up with “My ear hurts” so back to the doctor with him and Daniel who wasn’t feeding well. Tyler had a double ear infection and she thought Daniel might have RSV. He tested negative for RSV, but still was a goobery mess of several days.

OB appointment & general update

Yesterday I had my 25 week OB appointment with the midwife at my OB office.  I really like the midwife there.  We discussed some concerns that had crept up over the last couple of weeks, a little pea-sized tender lump right below my knee – probably a lymph node, palpitations after benedryl to help me sleep for work and a couple of other things.

I am thinking about most likely skipping rhogam this time during pregnancy.  I read a great book on the topic that gave a balanced perspective on the subject Anti-D in Midwifery: Pancea or Paradox by Sara Wickham.  This link gives a synopsis of the book, that I found just now.  The new PA at the OB office was training with the midwife, so she came in first and gave me the reasons why I should take it, which I do understand the risks for me and any future pregnancies.  The midwife’s comment about the during pregnancy rhogam “It is old school thinking.”  My thoughts after doing my research that it was old school, new school thinking.  The OB office does do titers for senitization before the rhogam is given during pregnacy which I was glad to see.  So if my titer is positive I will take it, if it is negative I will not.

We also talked about my plans for a home birth.  My mom had been concerned about the OB office knowing about it, since I need to see them to get my paperwork done for my maternity leave at work.  The midwife is fine with the home delivery with the homebirth midwife, as long as the placenta has moved.  I was diagnosed with a low-lying placenta at my 21 week ultrasound.  I did tell her that it could be a deciding factor in home vs hospital, which she was relieved about.  I have another ultrasound scheduled in 5 weeks to see if the placenta has moved.  Planning a homebirth also plays a big part in my plans to skip the rhogam – less risk of intervention during birth that could precipitate a sensitization.

It is interesting to me to how my thoughts about pregnancy and birth have changed over the years since I was pregnant with my first.  I have become more educated.  I was still very much anti-intervention with all my pregnancies, but I have learned more about interventions and more about birth in general over the years.  I think some of it has to do with the friend I have collected over my parenting years and the information that is out there that I didn’t know much about.

We have been busy – working on decluttering the house (don’t expect to see a lot of progress, but there is progress), spending time with the boys, work, and general life.  We were in Lansing Labor Day weekend for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for my oldest niece birthday.  Tyler loved the roller coaster ride (a moving seat with a video screen with the view from the front car of the ride.)  He was screaming like he was on the actual ride, it was so funny.  He loves to pretend that the overpass near our house is a roller coaster.  It was a nice relaxing time.  My mother in law and I got a lot of knitting done on Sunday. Here are the socks I was working on that weekend.  I almost have the 2nd one done.

Recent Tyler-ism “The mystery of the missing green.”  Referring to our van that needed to be washed, right before we got it washed.  Made me think of something from Scooby D*o.

Our busy lives

I know I haven’t posted in a while, between going out of town, working, and really working on cleaning my house and decluttering (a lot more of that to go) I haven’t spent much time on the computer.

Last weekend we went up to my dad’s condo at Boyne Mountain for a very short trip – I worked Friday night shift and Monday night shift, but we made the most of the time.  I wasn’t sure where I had put the camera so I didn’t get any pictures of the boys playing with their aunts. Kelly (16), who usually doesn’t get much time because she is not as fun as Aunt Brittany, was the only one of my sisters there when we arrived Saturday morning.  Tyler and William both had fun playing with her and her friend, Kacey, who also has younger nephews that she is used to playing with.

Brittany (13), (yes my sisters are that much younger than me!) arrived later in the afternoon with Grandpa Sandy (really Grandma Sandy, Tyler started calling her Grandpa Sandy since we refer to her and my dad as Grandpa and Grandma Sandy).  After that pair arrived Kelly was no longer interesting and she could go back to what “she” wanted to do — chase boys or look for boys.  Brittany got almost tortured.  Brittany and Tyler ended up making a “leash” so they could play doggie.  Brit even ended up crawling down the stairs facing forward at one point.  They spent a good part of the time playing doggie, but they also read books and did a fair amount of TV watching.

We did go to Avalanche Bay at Boyne.  I doubt we as a family will go again until after the baby is born.  I was so thankful that my dad paid for our tickets to get in, because in my eyes it was expensive.  The boys did well, they both loved going on the one water side that the whole family could go on.  I couldn’t do the “big” slides because of the pregnancy and Russ wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t feel up to taking Tyler down the slides.  We went down the one slide we could several times.  William and Tyler both loved it.  Tyler even learned to go running when the “Avalanche” comes to go get dumped on by the water.

Monday before we left we went to Deer Lake and let the boys play in the sand.  Tyler even walked out to one of the buoys with Brittany.  When we go up in the summer we will definitely hit the lake since it is one of the few “free” activities we have found at Boyne along with ridding the ski lift up and down the mountain which both boys loved.

The house has been driving me nuts, it is so messy and dirty.  Since we got back from Boyne we have really been working on cleaning the house.  I was working at it before we left, but have really been working at it since we got home.  I got off tract with being gone and not having enough sleep over the weekend.  I have gotten some areas started well, but there is a lot more work to do.  Alot of decluttering to do.

First Fish

Tyler's Fish

Tyler caught his first fish today.  We wanted to go have some fun today, so went to a Stratford Woods Park that has a fully stocked fishing pond.  The dock we used you could see the little fish right up at the dock.

I was able to sit a little bit away with William.  I didn’t get to knit like I wanted too, but that was OK.  Tyler was so excited.

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