No wonder we don’t walk

One of the blogs I read just posted a link to Walk Score.  Very interesting.  I checked a few addresses, our old address that we moved from 2 years ago 78, very walkable.  Our current address 6, car dependent.  My mom’s address 12, car dependent.

You can definitely tell the difference even that 6 points make between our current house and my mom’s.  I did a lot more walking when I lived at my moms and almost none at our current house.  BIG excuse for not walking here and pretty legitimate, we live on a busy country road that cars are already going 55 or more by the time they get to our house and we are only 1/2 mile off the highway.  It is not safe to take kids walking down the road.

At our old house it was easy to go for a mile or 2 walk .  We just had to pick which triangle we wanted to walk.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to walk down to the libary or to the convience store.  You can tell the lack of easy walking in both Russ and my weight.

We need to get ourselves down to the rail trail to walk.  It is only a mile from our house.  Of course, we will drive to the parking area nearby.


Daniel James is Here

Granted he is already 9 days old and I am just posting this on my blog.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you have seen my status updates over the last week and if you are Russ’ friend you got to see a running cometary the day Daniel was born.

Daniel was born December 27 at home.  What an awesome experience!  The whole end of his pregnancy was nothing like I experienced before with the other 2 boys.  I had pretty consistent contractions for over 2 weeks.  While they were not all the time, they were decently strong.  Sometimes they would go on for a while and sometimes they would stop.  We kept thinking this kid would come any day.  As you could tell by the ranting posts at the end, I was ready to be done being pregnant.  I love being pregnant – the kicks, knowing that I am growing a new little person, but I was getting tired and hit the emotional end of pregnancy.

The day he was born couldn’t have been better for everybody.  My midwife and her assistant had minimal plans for the day, we had no plans, my mom was free and we had sent Tyler up north to Boyne the day before so only William was home.  We all knew that God had his perfect plan in the day Daniel would be born even though it wasn’t our plan.

I woke up about 3:30 the morning he was born and could not get back to sleep.  I was having pretty consistent contractions and couldn’t get comfortable to fall back to sleep.  Finally about 5:30 – 6, I headed down stairs ate something and called my mom about 7 and the midwife shortly after.  Everyone was at our house by 8:30 and with my history we thought we would be further along by then (William was born after a 4 hour labor.)  The contractions were not staying regular, at one point I was wondering to myself if this was really it.

I unloaded the dishwasher and in general took turns resting with being active.  Activity helped keep the contractions going.  Around noon things got a little bit more serious.  I was starting to get tired, just because I had been up for so long and was looking forward to a nap, still thinking at things would go quickly at this point.  I was wanting to start to push, so the midwife said I could.  She then discovered that there was still a lip of the cervix so we quit pushing and started walking and squatting if I wanted to.  I moaned through a lot of those contractions as they seems to come in waves of 3 close together then a break. I ended up laughing at the end of one of those contractions because of my “little labor assistant” William was moaning with me.  It was too funny.  Shortly after my mom decided that it was time for him to take a nap, which I doubted he would sleep but he did.

After a while I wanted to get in to tub, so I went and laid in the tub.  Initially the midwife wanted me to lay on the couch and switch sides as we were pretty sure at this point that Daniel was posterior and if we could get him to turn it would be easier for me.  I did manage to switch sides in the tub.  I had not realized that I was getting out of control until the midwife came in and talked to me about why things were going they were and I had serval contractions that I was able to totally relax though, in fact, I was almost able to fall asleep.

After a while it was time to get out of the tub, I couldn’t tolerate the hard tub on my bottom any longer.  I didn’t realize how close we were to delivery.  I just knew it was hard to get out of the tub.  The plan was to go to the living room and kneel over my ball.  It was hard enough for me to move the few feet from the tub to the toliet in the bathroom, my legs were so shaky.  Daniel was born at 3:11 pm in our bathroom with me kneeling over the toilet with the stool and pillows on top of it so I could be mostly upright.  Russ was able to catch him.  The coolest part was that he was born “in the veil”, the amniotic sack had broken up high, so he came out with the sack over his face.  The midwife was able to quickly get it off so he could breathe.  I was the one who announced we had another boy.  Russ knew we had another boy, but I did not know again.  8 lbs, 8 oz.  21 inches long.

It was nice to be able to get to the recliner after taking a shower.  Daddy and “Mena” (my mom) had bonding time while I was getting cleaned up.  Russ got William up shortly after, he had to be with his brother for the next couple of hours.  It was very cute.  Tyler, my dad, his wife, and my half-sisters came and saw him the next day.

Hopefully in the next couple of days, I will get some more pictures up.  The picture in the header is from the day after Daniel was born.

Gasp, I am actually blogging

Life is busy, busy right now and the next few weeks are going to be even busier.

We are doing well.  William’s lip has healed up very well.  It is still sore to him sometimes, but most of the time it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

I have been wanting to take him to the doctor for a while, since I suspected that he might have exema, we needed to discuss more of the concerns with his walking, his slow speech, and since our doctor retired shortly after we established in the practice we needed to meet the new doctors in the office.  Well for those concerns — he does have exema.  I was right in my guess.  He is being referred to an orthopedic surgeon, as a second oppion, to make sure we are doing what needs to be done for him with physical therapy and that he doesn’t need any more treatment.   As for William’s speech, she did feel like he needs to be evaluated, but instructed me to contact the local health department for a hearing test and the intermediate school district for an evaluation for speech therapy.  I tried to contact both today, but was unsuccessful so I have to call them tomorrow.

I really liked the doctor we saw today.  She works for Covenant, like I do, but actually lives in Midland, where we live and did her residency in Midland, so she knows the Midland doctors and who to reccomend for us to see so we don’t have to go to Saginaw for everything.  That is great news to me, since I don’t like driving to Saginaw anymore than I have to.  She didn’t blink an eye about my homebirth plans and actually has done a fair number of deliveries herself and has been told that she does deliveries like a midwife.  I think we have a new doctor we can work with for our family.

The next few weeks are very busy for me.  Next Tuesday our family has 4 appointments, 3 for me and 1 for William.  That Friday, my mother-in-law is having knee replacement.  The next week my best friend is getting married and I am in the wedding.  Because of a scheduling conflict the rehearsal is on Thursday and the wedding is Saturday, so I have Thursday, Friday, & Saturday off work.  I always have Tuesdays off because of William’s PT.  Those 2 weeks I still have to get my 3 days of work in, so everyday is scheduled with something between now and the wedding.  Our wedding aniversary also falls right in the middle of the craziness. I am actually working that day so I could get all my hours in.  I am really looking forward to maternity leave, since I won’t have as many doctor appointments, I hopefully will be sleeping a little better, and will have a new little one to snuggle.

I also have a new stressor starting.  My grandma has an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow.  She had a routine mamogram done last month and a mass was found, so who knows what that is going to bring.  I guess I will know more tomorrow.  Thankfully not all the care falls to me, but most of it actually goes to my sister and my dad does what he can.  Toi and I try to split the drives between us as we can and each of us have our own things that we do for her, though Toi does more than I do, but then she is not working full time and doesn’t have kids of her own.

So if you could pray for us over the next few weeks, the bullets would be

  • whatever is going on with my grandma, that we as a family will know how to deal with it and make wise decisions
  • energy for the next few weeks
  • a safe birth
  • wisdom in decisions about William’s speech and physical concerns


  • Russ and I like the new doctor
  • our household is primarily at our normal state of health, Russ has his daily issues with his health
  • the main concerns with this pregnancy have been laid to rest

First Stitches

We finally had our first injury emergency visit for the boys.  Not bad considering that Tyler is 4.5 and William is almost 2.5 and how active they are.  I was right on which kid would be the first to get stitches or a broken bone, William.  Thankfully it is only stitches!!

After physical therapy today we went to the yarn shop, Apple Valley Yarn Company, to get some yarn and pick up my block of the month pattern.  The boys were there normal selves, looking at everything and running around a little bit.  While we were checking out they were up in the open area by the door, we don’t know for sure what happened but think that William tripped (not an uncommon occurrence) and fell face first onto the rug.  He split his lower lip open pretty good and deep.  I am amazed that it didn’t go all the way through.  Russ went to see what happened since he immediately started screaming, not normal with a fall for him.  He immediately brought William to me and all I saw was a mouth full of blood.  I asked where the bathroom was and started trying to calm him and clean him up.  I could see how deep it was.

Then came the decision as to where to go to have him looked at.  From my ER experience I was pretty sure that he would need stitches, though the yarn shop owner didn’t think so.  I figured it was worth the co-pay to be sure that it didn’t need stitches.  My first thought was to take him to the ER, but then I realized that it was really more an urgent care stitches, than ER stitches.  But which urgent care/ Med Express – Bay City or State Street?  I decided that State Street was closer to where we were, so that is where we headed even though I wasn’t exactly sure where it was or how to get there at that moment.  Don’t laugh at me those who are familiar with the area, I am not.  I know roads, but not always road names or how they fit together.  Thanks Lydia for confirming where I thought it was.

We didn’t have to wait long at Med Express.  As we walked in the nurse had one of the doctors look at his lip and ask his opinion on sutures – definitely.  William did really well with the sutures the first time, yes, the first time.  He even seemed to fall asleep as she finished.  He ended up with 5.  Tyler was very good as well and curious about the whole thing.

On the way home, he was not too aggressively playing with the sutures with his fingers and teeth.  Somehow he managed to pull out one of the stitches and untie a second one.  Of course they were the most visible ones and could leave the most cosmetic damage if not sutured.  So we turned around and headed back to Med Express.  I called to make sure that we needed to go back, since we were already in Freeland (again).  Yes, since it was gaping a little bit and the most visible area of injury.

He didn’t do as well the second time.  He wanted to lay down on the table himself instead of having me hold him.  Too bad I didn’t figure out what he was trying to communicate until we were all done, it would have made it much easier the second time.  He kept patting the paper.  The doctor ended up putting 3 more sutures in with longer tails since William was fighting and screaming so bad.  Tyler wanted to come over and hold his head and try to help comfort him.  I didn’t like how the nurse held his head still either, I am sure that just scared him more.  You could see the terror in his eyes that time.

After we were all done, he sat on the table for a while and calmed down.  He is eating and drinking well, even ate chicken nuggets and french fries (yes, fries with a cut lip).  We are to keep him with a straw for a day or two to help with comfort and healing.  Now to get him and Tyler to take naps (that is whole nother blog post).

Quick Trip

Yesterday we made a quick trip to Lansing.  Tyler has been asking to see his grandparents, “Daddy’s mommy and daddy.”  We have seen my dad a lot recently with everything that has been going on with my Grandma, but we haven’t seen my in-laws since March.

Russ needed to get some prescription refills.  The doctor that he trusts and has done the best for him is in Lansing.  Wednesday I called to get him an appointment, while we couldn’t get an appointment with the doctor until late next week,  we could get an appointment with the PA in the office the next day.  Russ was ok with that so,  I made the appointment knowing it had to be a day trip.  We liked the PA, so that is something that we will do again.  I have avoided the PA in the office to get the doctor, but since it took the PA so long to bring the scripts and lab slip back I am fairly certain that he also consulted with the doctor.

After the appointment, we went to Walmart.  We had about 2 hours to find something to do.  We tried to get together with some good friends, but she wasn’t going to be free until 3:30 which is when my mother in law got out of work.  Walmart didn’t take up the entire time, so we decided to go to a park and let the boys play.  I suggested a different park, but Russ remembered that there was one closer.  Granger Meadows Park was very nice.  The playground equipment was nice.  The sledding hill looked like it was a lot of fun in the winter.  I think if we have to find something to do again, we will head back there again.  William even had fun going down the slides, after some encouragement.

We met my in laws for dinner about 3:45 in time to still order off the lunch menu.  I thought it was a little early to eat dinner, but it ended up being ok.  They didn’t get to spend a lot of time with grandpa since he had to be to work at 5.  I think the boys had fun with them at the restaurant.  We ended up going to Sam’s Club after dinner to get some of the things that we get there after dinner, so the boys got to see grandpa again as we left Sam’s (door greeter).

Tyler rode home with Grandma.  I hoped that he would sleep, but he talked non-stop the whole way to their house.  Russ, William and I ended up stopping shortly at Russ’ grandma’s house.  It was nice to see her.  William took a few minutes to wake up, but he was fully awake and himself by the time we left her house.  Tyler was mad at us when we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  What to you expect when, when he thought we would get there at the same time.  The boys played outside for a while, then we went inside.  My father in law recently got a Wii.  That was fun.  I had not played before, but even I could play decently and I am horrible at video games.  Tyler had fun trying to play.  We bowled, played baseball and golf.  I think we are going to end up getting one at some point.  I wish we could trade in the PS2, for a Wii, but I doubt we could find a place to do that.  We never use the PS2.

We were home less than 10 hours after we left.  No naps for the boys or mom and dad.  William and Tyler did doze a little in the car, but nothing compared to their normal naps.  I think Tyler was so tired he was having bad dreams last night, that he woke up crying twice and we couldn’t figure out what was going on.  William was asleep almost as soon I put him to bed and Tyler was not far behind, except for waking up from the bad dreams.  I just wish I could have slept longer this morning, but I will have some clothes to wear since I just put a load in the washer with my pants.

8 days off and crazy time ahead

Well I just am finishing and 8 day stretch off work.  It wasn’t supposed to be 8 days.  It should have been 3 days off, work the weekend (2 days), 3 days off, but William got pneumonia and I got bronchitis.  We are both done with out antibiotics, thankfully, just 5 days for both of us and are both feeling much better.  Tyler is still not feeling the best, he had a fever over the weekend, but not other symptoms that I was going to run him to the doctor for.

The next 2 – 3 weeks are going to be very busy.  I work the next 2 days.  Saturday has nothing scheduled, but we need to go grocery shopping badly and the kids will want mommy time.  Sunday my grandma as an MRI that she has requested that my dad, sister and I take her to.  Then I work again for 3 days.  Then 3 appointments — well checks for my boys and a consultation with my grandmas doctor for my dad, sister and me.  Then I get to go to my first ladies retreat with my mom and sister overnight!!  First time I will be away from William overnight.  Then Sunday off except the normal Sunday church.  Then back for 2 more days of work.  I think I will be very glad when May 1 rolls around.

I did get some things accomplished even though I was sick – laundry, kept the kitchen up for the most part.  I even did a knitting project from start to finish (just needs a button).  One day we had a sewing bee at my moms and I got 3 pairs of sleep pants completed with my mom’s help and have 1 more that just needs the waistband and hems done and 2 more that need the inner leg, crotch, hems and waistband done.  Hopefully after May 1 I will have time to get them finished.

Is anyone sick of the illness and Winter???

I know that I sure am.  The last week hasn’t been fun around the house.  First both boys got upper respiratory infections and looking back I “stupidly” took probably didn’t need to take them to the doctor who put them both on antibotics that I am not convenced now that they needed.  William wouldn’t take his inital without puking and fought with us to take the second, thankfully the 2nd one was once a day for 2 days.  The antibotics gave Tyler diahrea so bad that on Sunday (day 4) I dedided to take him off the antiboitics, since he went through 4 pairs of underware in about 3 hours.

Friday I came down with a nasty head cold, but still worked on Saturday and Monday (becasue it was slow got to go home early both days) and did our plans for Easter on Sunday.

Because I hadn’t looked at my calandar I didn’t think I worked on Tuesday and I woke up not feeling much better, and William had been vomiting since Monday.  I called a friend about someting else and she mentioned that LaLache League was that night and I knew I was supposed to work the day of LLL for March.  So I called into work.  I am so glad I called her, otherwise I would have been a no call-no show.

I ended up spending almost the entire day in bed yesterday and vomiting myself.  I didn’t even do any knitting until evening and did NO laundry even though it was really starting to pile up from all the vomiting from William.

Today I am feeling a lot better.  My cold symptoms are almost gone.  I am not nauseus anymore.  William is doing better though the vomiting is not gone yet.  He has vomited twice so far this morning after nursing so I don’t know if it a positioning  thing with the continued upper respiratory infection symptoms he is having or is he is still not quite over this bug.

I really missed being able to go to playgroup yesterday.  If I had been feeling better and not puking myself I probably would have left William with Daddy and Tyler and I would have still gone.  I enjoy the time I spend with those ladies.  It is a highlight for my week when we can go.

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