Baby Sunhat

When my nephew was born 1 month ago, I went on a hat knitting binge.  I did 3 hats in about 3 weeks.  Two for my nephew and one for my 6 month old son.  It started with leftover yarn from the first hat I did for my nephew and I wanted to make a sun hat for my son out of the left over yarn.  I just struck off and made my own pattern.

I have loved designing this pattern. I knew I was getting close to starting to design my own. I just didn’t know when it would happen.

A word of caution — unless you want a huge hat, don’t use this pattern with sport weight on 6’s. A friend of mine did and ended up with a hat she could wear. I think the elastic of fixation is a key to this hat.

Daniel’s Baby Sunhat
By Autum Smith

US 5 set of 5 double points
US 5 16” circular
Size F crochet hook

Cascasde Fixation – 2 balls (50 grams)
Newborn – Pumpkin & Olive Green
6 months – Poppies & Pumpkin

Gauge 7 stitches = 1 inch

Size Newborn (6 months)

For Both Sizes
Cast on 4
Round 1 Join in the round, as if doing I-cord. K1 f&b of each stitch (8 stitches)
All even rounds 2-20 Knit
Round 3 K1 f&b 8 times (16 stitches)
Round 5 *LRinc K2* repeat 8 times (24 stitches)
Round 7 *LRinc K3* repeat 8 times (32 stitches)
Round 9 *LRinc K4* repeat 8 times (40 stitches)
Round 11 *LRinc K5* repeat 8 times (48 stitches)
Round 13 *LRinc K6* repeat 8 times (56 stitches)
Round 15 *LRinc K7* repeat 8 times (64 stitches)
Round 17 *LRinc K8* repeat 8 times (72 stitches)
Round 19 *LRinc K9* repeat 8 times (80 stitches)

For Infant size
Round 21-23 Knit (3 rounds)
Round 24 *LRinc K10* repeat 8 times (88 stitches)
Round 25-28 Knit (4 rounds)
Round 29 *LRinc K11* repeat 8 times (96 stitches)
Round 30 & following Knit until hat is desired depth about 16 rounds or about 8 inches when hat is folded in half.

For 6 month size
Round 21 *LRinc K10* repeat 8 times (88 stitches)
Round 22 – 24 Knit (3 rounds)
Round 25 *LRinc K11* repeat 8 times (96 stitches)
Round 26 – 29 Knit (4 rounds)
Round 30 *LRinc K12* repeat 8 times (104 stitches)
Round 31 – 35 Knit (5 rounds)
Round 36 *LRinc K13* repeat 8 times (112 stitches)
Round 37 & following Knit until hat is desired depth about 16 rounds or 10 inches when hat is folded in half

For both hats
Round 1 *K2, yo, K2tog* 24 (28) times,
Round 2–4 Knit (3 rounds)
Knit 4 rounds if you do not desire an eyelet row

Brim – change color then
Round 1 *LRinc K4* repeat 24 (28) times (120 (140) stitches)
Round 2 – 3 Knit (2 rounds)
Round 4 *LRinc K5* repeat 24 (28) times (144 (168) stitches)
Round 5 – 7 Knit (3 rounds)
Round 8 *LRinc K6* repeat 24 (28) times (168 (196) stitches)
Round 9 – 12 Knit (4 rounds)
Round 13 *LRinc K7* repeat 24 (28) times (192 (224) stitches)
Round 14 – 15 Knit (2 rounds)
Cast off

Cords: Chain 2 cords and weave through eyelet holes. I overlapped them over the ears, to help hold the hat on better.

K= knit
K1 f&b = knit 1 front and back
LRinc = right lifted increase (for instructions on how to do see
YO = yarn over
K2 tog = knit 2 stitches together

Note: If you are using K1 f&b instead of LRinc, decrease the number of stitches knitted after the increase by 1.

Fixation makes it easier to close the top of the hat by starting your knitting as I-cord. I just used 2 DPN until I got past the first 3 rounds using K1 f&b , then added in the rest of my DPNs.

I plan on getting this up as a free pdf download on Ravelry soon. If you would a pdf before I get it up leave me a comment and I can email it to you.

Pdf is now available on Ravelry.  Finally figured out how to do it! (6/5/10)


Just what I needed

My friends who I see on  regular basis have heard how busy these 2 weeks are that we are in the middle of.  I am working my 3 days each week on top of everything else.  Tuesday ended up having 5 appointments scheduled, though only 3 ended up happening because Monday night William started vomiting so that canceled 2 of the appointments. Next week we have 5 appointments spread through out the week, though 2 of them are at our house, so I need to find time to clean the house, plus I am in a wedding on Saturday.

One of the appointments last Tuesday was to meet with the surgeon about a breast tumor my grandma had.  Thursday she ended up having a surgery for breast cancer.  I had to work that day so I haven’t seen her since surgery, but I hope to see her today.

Thursday night we drove down to the Lansing area, since my mother in law also had surgery yesterday, a new knee.  That is where the blessing comes in.  I went and got some yarn (at Threadbear) for  project I want to have done for next weekend, that I got started right away.  Then Russ and I ended up sitting with my father in law while we were waiting for the surgery to be done.  It was so nice to be able to just relax and not have much to do except knit, listen to my MP3 player (something I almost never do) and enjoy the time with my father in law.  I wasn’t able to take a nap, about the only other thing I would have liked to do.  Sandy (my dad’s wife) was watching the boys, so I didn’t even have to think about them.   We had almost 4 hours to practically do nothing, but wait.  So nice, since it was not a stressful surgery to us and something she had wanted done for years.  (Unlike other surgeries she has had in past years)

With all the stress I have been having recently, it was so nice to have a lower stress day.  It was a day I could just relax.  I think I am ready for the next crazy week.

OB appointment & general update

Yesterday I had my 25 week OB appointment with the midwife at my OB office.  I really like the midwife there.  We discussed some concerns that had crept up over the last couple of weeks, a little pea-sized tender lump right below my knee – probably a lymph node, palpitations after benedryl to help me sleep for work and a couple of other things.

I am thinking about most likely skipping rhogam this time during pregnancy.  I read a great book on the topic that gave a balanced perspective on the subject Anti-D in Midwifery: Pancea or Paradox by Sara Wickham.  This link gives a synopsis of the book, that I found just now.  The new PA at the OB office was training with the midwife, so she came in first and gave me the reasons why I should take it, which I do understand the risks for me and any future pregnancies.  The midwife’s comment about the during pregnancy rhogam “It is old school thinking.”  My thoughts after doing my research that it was old school, new school thinking.  The OB office does do titers for senitization before the rhogam is given during pregnacy which I was glad to see.  So if my titer is positive I will take it, if it is negative I will not.

We also talked about my plans for a home birth.  My mom had been concerned about the OB office knowing about it, since I need to see them to get my paperwork done for my maternity leave at work.  The midwife is fine with the home delivery with the homebirth midwife, as long as the placenta has moved.  I was diagnosed with a low-lying placenta at my 21 week ultrasound.  I did tell her that it could be a deciding factor in home vs hospital, which she was relieved about.  I have another ultrasound scheduled in 5 weeks to see if the placenta has moved.  Planning a homebirth also plays a big part in my plans to skip the rhogam – less risk of intervention during birth that could precipitate a sensitization.

It is interesting to me to how my thoughts about pregnancy and birth have changed over the years since I was pregnant with my first.  I have become more educated.  I was still very much anti-intervention with all my pregnancies, but I have learned more about interventions and more about birth in general over the years.  I think some of it has to do with the friend I have collected over my parenting years and the information that is out there that I didn’t know much about.

We have been busy – working on decluttering the house (don’t expect to see a lot of progress, but there is progress), spending time with the boys, work, and general life.  We were in Lansing Labor Day weekend for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for my oldest niece birthday.  Tyler loved the roller coaster ride (a moving seat with a video screen with the view from the front car of the ride.)  He was screaming like he was on the actual ride, it was so funny.  He loves to pretend that the overpass near our house is a roller coaster.  It was a nice relaxing time.  My mother in law and I got a lot of knitting done on Sunday. Here are the socks I was working on that weekend.  I almost have the 2nd one done.

Recent Tyler-ism “The mystery of the missing green.”  Referring to our van that needed to be washed, right before we got it washed.  Made me think of something from Scooby D*o.

Works of God Monday

I don’t think I can even come close to describing in words the beauty God allowed me to see this morning.  Today I worked my 4th 12 hour shift in 5 days.  On my way to work this morning there was a beautiful sunrise.  There was a low lying cloud line perfectly over the roadway with the sun coming up behind the cloud line.  It was so beautiful!!!!  My first thought was this looks like I am driving into the mountains, especially coming up to an overpass.  The way things looked reminded my of driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike (you can tell I spent a lot of time traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in elementary and junior high school.)

I was thankful to see it as it reminded me of God’s goodness.  Today could have been very stressful at work.  There is a lot of stress related to our unit, and only our unit, right now.  Our management is very stressed.  It ended up being a good day.  We had a good crew working and I think I am finally getting to fully understand my job and what my responsibilities are.  We had fun, even in the crazy moments and I got out very close to on time, much better than I did the end of last week.  I even got to stop at Apple Valley Yarn Company tonight for knit nite, even if it was only about 20 minutes.  It was still a chance to rest and unwind before going home.

God is so good at giving reminders of His grace.

Counting to 5 is hard. . . .

at 4 am that is. I had some free time at work last night, and was working on my knitting. The pair of socks I am working on has a 5 stitch repeat and I don’t know how many times I had to pick my stitches out or slip back the stitches I had just slipped so I could knit them. Ugg! I did much better in “normal” daytime after just an hour of sleep, but I don’t know how I would do now after 3 hours of sleep. It is 5:30 and am ready for bed, but will stay up until 8 or 9, then get up to work day shift tomorrow.

I am really liking my new job. Last night was my first night off orientation and I was very glad to have another nurse who usually works that unit working with me to answer all my questions of things I had learned, but couldn’t remember how to do them. I think one of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I get to know the patients not only their medical conditions, but also the person as well. Since most of our patients are there long-term (the average length of stay on our unit is 16 days and the patients/residents can stay up to 100 days), you really do have time to get to know the patients including their likes and dislikes. I had the same group of patients I had had during orientation, so that part was an easy transition for me.

I will have to do another post about our 4th of July. I didn’t realize my long blogging lapse, between working and going out of town for the 4th I haven’t had much computer time.

It’s Saturday and I am tired

3 weeks since I posted.  You know I have either been busy, not doing much on the computer, or tired.  Or is it all of the above!

William for the last 3 days, at least, if not longer, has been waking up at 6 am or before.  This morning was 5:30.  That does NOT work well at this house.  Sleep is an important issue at this house.  I usually don’t get home until 3 am so waking up at 6 means 3 hours of sleep for me before getting woke up.  I would love to have 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at least, but it seems like it never happens.  Russ has been good about getting up with him for a while so I can sleep some more, but the noise of the house doesn’t make it easy.  I tried darkening the window, since sunrise is about 5:45 but that didn’t seem to help.

I had a job interview yesterday for a night shift position.  I am very interested in the position.  I didn’t think that I would ever want to go back to night shift but here I am seriously considering taking a nights position.  It will take some adjustments, but I think it can be done.  Tyler and William are both going to have to learn to let mommy sleep during the day and we will have to figure out better heat control in our room.  I think we need to add a fan for constant air movement, since I will have to sleep with the door closed for noise control.  Thankfully we have a window air conditioner for the summer heat and humidity.

On the knitting front.  I have just the button bands left to knit on the sweater I am making for a friend’s preemie.  I still have to seam the entire thing, I have 1 of the 4 shoulder seams done, and buy and add the buttons.  I am trying to decide if I am going to mail it to her, she lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, or hold onto it until they might come in the middle of July.  Her mom mailed some shoes about 2 weeks ago and they haven’t gotten there yet when I talked to her on Thursday.  So by the time I get it finished, I almost should hold on to it.  The little guy may finally be getting out of the NICU in the next week, 12 weeks after birth.  He had a few more tests to pass then he could go home.

Miscellaneous thoughts

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had blogged. I have been busy and really haven’t wanted to spend a lot of time on the computer though I have been reading my friend’s blogs.

I am still looking for another job. It looks like the job at Mid-Michigan is not going to pan out. I want something closer to home, but I am willing for anything at this point. I would be thankful for some interviews. I am also thinking about going back to school for my masters. That would be interesting to add to my life right now with little kids, but I think it is something that I need to advance my career and get to something that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Just wish I would have done it before kids, but then I might have taken a different path than I am thinking now and I am excited about the potential of what I want to do. God’s direction is really needed at this point.

Happy Sweet 16 to my sister, Kelly. Yes, I do have a sister that is just turning 16 (there is one that even younger.) She was excited to go get her driver’s license today. She has been doing a lot of driving since Michigan now has a stepped license system. She has been driving for almost a year. She was looking forward to taking her car back to school.

My grandma is doing very well at the nursing home. She is really enjoying it. She is enjoying not have to think about cooking and cleaning. I would say that she is thriving. She is enjoying all the activities there. My sister was taking her to clean out her apartment and had to work around my grandma’s busy social schedule at the nursing home. She keeps saying that she will be moving someplace else. We need to get figured out what she can afford. We are working on cleaning out the apartment since the lease is up at the end of the month.

William is doing great at being 2. We moved him to the 2s & 3s class at church. He is doing great with the transition, but Tyler is not doing as well having his brother in the same class. Next week he is getting moved to the 4s & 5s class. We probably should have moved him sooner, but didn’t.

On the knitting front — I have the front and back of a sweater for a friend’s premie done and am working on the sleeves. I am trying to decide if I am going to mail it to them in Calgary or hold onto it until they come to visit in July. Not sure how long it would take to cross the border.

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