Daniel James is Here

Granted he is already 9 days old and I am just posting this on my blog.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you have seen my status updates over the last week and if you are Russ’ friend you got to see a running cometary the day Daniel was born.

Daniel was born December 27 at home.  What an awesome experience!  The whole end of his pregnancy was nothing like I experienced before with the other 2 boys.  I had pretty consistent contractions for over 2 weeks.  While they were not all the time, they were decently strong.  Sometimes they would go on for a while and sometimes they would stop.  We kept thinking this kid would come any day.  As you could tell by the ranting posts at the end, I was ready to be done being pregnant.  I love being pregnant – the kicks, knowing that I am growing a new little person, but I was getting tired and hit the emotional end of pregnancy.

The day he was born couldn’t have been better for everybody.  My midwife and her assistant had minimal plans for the day, we had no plans, my mom was free and we had sent Tyler up north to Boyne the day before so only William was home.  We all knew that God had his perfect plan in the day Daniel would be born even though it wasn’t our plan.

I woke up about 3:30 the morning he was born and could not get back to sleep.  I was having pretty consistent contractions and couldn’t get comfortable to fall back to sleep.  Finally about 5:30 – 6, I headed down stairs ate something and called my mom about 7 and the midwife shortly after.  Everyone was at our house by 8:30 and with my history we thought we would be further along by then (William was born after a 4 hour labor.)  The contractions were not staying regular, at one point I was wondering to myself if this was really it.

I unloaded the dishwasher and in general took turns resting with being active.  Activity helped keep the contractions going.  Around noon things got a little bit more serious.  I was starting to get tired, just because I had been up for so long and was looking forward to a nap, still thinking at things would go quickly at this point.  I was wanting to start to push, so the midwife said I could.  She then discovered that there was still a lip of the cervix so we quit pushing and started walking and squatting if I wanted to.  I moaned through a lot of those contractions as they seems to come in waves of 3 close together then a break. I ended up laughing at the end of one of those contractions because of my “little labor assistant” William was moaning with me.  It was too funny.  Shortly after my mom decided that it was time for him to take a nap, which I doubted he would sleep but he did.

After a while I wanted to get in to tub, so I went and laid in the tub.  Initially the midwife wanted me to lay on the couch and switch sides as we were pretty sure at this point that Daniel was posterior and if we could get him to turn it would be easier for me.  I did manage to switch sides in the tub.  I had not realized that I was getting out of control until the midwife came in and talked to me about why things were going they were and I had serval contractions that I was able to totally relax though, in fact, I was almost able to fall asleep.

After a while it was time to get out of the tub, I couldn’t tolerate the hard tub on my bottom any longer.  I didn’t realize how close we were to delivery.  I just knew it was hard to get out of the tub.  The plan was to go to the living room and kneel over my ball.  It was hard enough for me to move the few feet from the tub to the toliet in the bathroom, my legs were so shaky.  Daniel was born at 3:11 pm in our bathroom with me kneeling over the toilet with the stool and pillows on top of it so I could be mostly upright.  Russ was able to catch him.  The coolest part was that he was born “in the veil”, the amniotic sack had broken up high, so he came out with the sack over his face.  The midwife was able to quickly get it off so he could breathe.  I was the one who announced we had another boy.  Russ knew we had another boy, but I did not know again.  8 lbs, 8 oz.  21 inches long.

It was nice to be able to get to the recliner after taking a shower.  Daddy and “Mena” (my mom) had bonding time while I was getting cleaned up.  Russ got William up shortly after, he had to be with his brother for the next couple of hours.  It was very cute.  Tyler, my dad, his wife, and my half-sisters came and saw him the next day.

Hopefully in the next couple of days, I will get some more pictures up.  The picture in the header is from the day after Daniel was born.


Miscellaneous thoughts

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had blogged. I have been busy and really haven’t wanted to spend a lot of time on the computer though I have been reading my friend’s blogs.

I am still looking for another job. It looks like the job at Mid-Michigan is not going to pan out. I want something closer to home, but I am willing for anything at this point. I would be thankful for some interviews. I am also thinking about going back to school for my masters. That would be interesting to add to my life right now with little kids, but I think it is something that I need to advance my career and get to something that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Just wish I would have done it before kids, but then I might have taken a different path than I am thinking now and I am excited about the potential of what I want to do. God’s direction is really needed at this point.

Happy Sweet 16 to my sister, Kelly. Yes, I do have a sister that is just turning 16 (there is one that even younger.) She was excited to go get her driver’s license today. She has been doing a lot of driving since Michigan now has a stepped license system. She has been driving for almost a year. She was looking forward to taking her car back to school.

My grandma is doing very well at the nursing home. She is really enjoying it. She is enjoying not have to think about cooking and cleaning. I would say that she is thriving. She is enjoying all the activities there. My sister was taking her to clean out her apartment and had to work around my grandma’s busy social schedule at the nursing home. She keeps saying that she will be moving someplace else. We need to get figured out what she can afford. We are working on cleaning out the apartment since the lease is up at the end of the month.

William is doing great at being 2. We moved him to the 2s & 3s class at church. He is doing great with the transition, but Tyler is not doing as well having his brother in the same class. Next week he is getting moved to the 4s & 5s class. We probably should have moved him sooner, but didn’t.

On the knitting front — I have the front and back of a sweater for a friend’s premie done and am working on the sleeves. I am trying to decide if I am going to mail it to them in Calgary or hold onto it until they come to visit in July. Not sure how long it would take to cross the border.

Walking is better than Crawling

It looks like William has finally decided that walking is better than crawling.  He has now tipped the scale to walking more than crawling, particularly the short distances in the house.  We have been home most of the day and he is enjoying walking.

 I finally today got the boys clothes switched for winter.  You can tell Tyler is the first born.  He could really stand to have a few more pairs of pants mostly for play.  We were started in 3T last winter, so we have pants that fit for the beginning of winter.  William’s drawer is almost overflowing.  I had a hard time deciding what size to get out for him since he wore 6-9 months all summer long.  I finally decided to get out the 18 month clothes.  I am not sure how the pant length will be on my walker, so I may have to get out the 12 month clothes if the pants end up being too long.

I have the pictures taken of my recent knitting projects with my moms camera, though we don’t have the right card reader.  I hope tomorrow to get the card reader or cable from mom to download the pictures and post my knitting blog I have been wanting to do.

Well, halftime of the MSU game is over and I don’t have boys ready for bed.  Best post and run.