Cuddling with my Boys

That is what I am doing right now, typing with one hand. They are both sitting on my lap, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, drinking chocolate milk from their sippies. I enjoy these cuddle times.

I originally wasn’t going to say much about trying to Fly again, but I enjoying the process. Check out the link if you don’t understand the terms I am about to use. I can tell I am getting “flywashed.” I’m not keeping the sink shiny, still haven’t figured out how to do that on the days I work since when I get home I usually want to fall into bed. I definitely don’t have any routines yet, though I think without thinking about it I am creating/changing routines. I am slowly working on the decluttering. What a job.

Since the weather was so warm last week, I finally got the boys drawers switched over from winter to summer clothes. Which anyone who has little kids knows that not only are you changing wardrobes, but that quite often is when I change sizes since it is an easy time to change. So I was into my tubs of clothes that I have kept from Tyler for William, I was sorting through and seeing which clothes I wanted to put out and what ones I wanted to get rid of. I am not sure if this is perfectly Flylady, but these are the questions I was asking myself while I was going through the clothes – Do I love them? Will I dress the boys in these outfits? I got rid of several things. We even made a trip to Goodwill last week to get rid of clothes. I know that I have been slow in changing the clothes. I need to go through the closet still and the adult dresser to sort out the winter clothes to put away or give away and figure out what summer clothes I want to get rid of. I have so many things I have had for years that I have fallen out of love for. I have another box of clothes already started with stuff to donate. If anyone wants any 18 month boys clothes let me know, I have several almost new outfits in my give away box that I don’t love. I need to go though the 24 month/2T tub still, but I am sure I will have several things out of those as well.

Yesterday as I was picking up the house I kept repeating to myself, “Cleaning done imperfectly still blesses.” I wasn’t striving for perfection just cleaner and picked up. I have a full garbage can and recyling bin out to the road for garbage day. Definitely progress in the decluttering and getting the house cleaner. Reading the flylady’s emails have helped me change my thinking in regards to housework and I would say also my attitude.

I was very happy this the dinner I made last night. Last week to help with our finances I made a main dish menu and a shopping list. It has been nice this last week to look at the list and make the decision if we want to have the main dish that night and figuring out what we want to have with it. We haven’t perfectly followed the menu I wrote out, I sure has helped. I plan on doing the same thing again before we go shopping on Thursday or Friday. Since we have to go the Saginaw for doctors appointment on Friday, maybe we will go to Alddi’s and see if there is anything on my list that will be cheaper there.

I still don’t have a new job, but it seems to be getting closer. The manager wanted to talk to some others from Ingham (where I used to work) before she offers me the job. It was nice to talk to some old co-workers yesterday to verify their phone numbers and get their permission to pass on their phone numbers. I really need to talk to them more often.

Well, both the boys are on to other things, so I should probably get some stuff done before I go to work today (fold a load of clothes and empty the dishwasher) and fix some breakfast for my hungry boys.



Tyler is going to Boyne Mountain this weekend with my dad and I realized that he need a pair of bigger swim trunks for the water park, so while I was in Saginaw today and had some time to kill but no money for shopping I decided to check out Goodwill and see if they had any swim trunks that might work. I figured it couldn’t hurt to look there and would fit with the little bit of money I could afford to spend. I was thinking maybe $2 for a pair of trunks.

So I looked through the rack, and found a pair of trunks and a pair of shorts in 3T which I can get away with even though Tyler is wearing 4’s in pants and shirts. The prices were not obviously marked, they just had the colored plastic tag hanger (I can’t remember what those things are called.) So I went up to the register, made sure I could use my debit card since I didn’t have any cash on me, and the clerk rang me up. I got both for $.77!! I wished I had the dollar in change with me that I knew was on top of the dryer. I felt like I had gotten the buy of the day — not only had I gotten what I needed, but I got 2 items for less than a dollar. I couldn’t have beaten that even at a garage sale. I think I am going to be doing more shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army, both of which are here in town. I think I also am going to try to go more by myself, since it was nice to shop by myself and get what we needed.

I enjoyed my free time today between my 2 classes. I had almost 3 hours with minimal plans. I felt like I got a lot accomplished in that little bit of time.

Sickies – the whole house & coupon information

Well it has to be spring since the spring colds are here.

Both Tyler and William are on antibotics.  I have come down with a cold and Russ is probaby starting to get a cold as well on top of his Chronic Fatgue Syndrome.  I thought about staying home for work today, but if you call in a on weekend you have to make it up and I would prefer to work only feeling about 75%  than to make up working a Saturday.  Depending on what area I am working I might see if I can change my assignment for a lighter work area.

I am on a yogurt campaign for the boys since they are on antibiotics and I want to keep them as healthy as possible, ie diarrhea free.  A friend from high school posted on her blog a link for a coupon for free Organic Yo-Baby yogurt.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the coupon for our house as well and pass it on to you.