Gasp, I am actually blogging

Life is busy, busy right now and the next few weeks are going to be even busier.

We are doing well.  William’s lip has healed up very well.  It is still sore to him sometimes, but most of the time it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

I have been wanting to take him to the doctor for a while, since I suspected that he might have exema, we needed to discuss more of the concerns with his walking, his slow speech, and since our doctor retired shortly after we established in the practice we needed to meet the new doctors in the office.  Well for those concerns — he does have exema.  I was right in my guess.  He is being referred to an orthopedic surgeon, as a second oppion, to make sure we are doing what needs to be done for him with physical therapy and that he doesn’t need any more treatment.   As for William’s speech, she did feel like he needs to be evaluated, but instructed me to contact the local health department for a hearing test and the intermediate school district for an evaluation for speech therapy.  I tried to contact both today, but was unsuccessful so I have to call them tomorrow.

I really liked the doctor we saw today.  She works for Covenant, like I do, but actually lives in Midland, where we live and did her residency in Midland, so she knows the Midland doctors and who to reccomend for us to see so we don’t have to go to Saginaw for everything.  That is great news to me, since I don’t like driving to Saginaw anymore than I have to.  She didn’t blink an eye about my homebirth plans and actually has done a fair number of deliveries herself and has been told that she does deliveries like a midwife.  I think we have a new doctor we can work with for our family.

The next few weeks are very busy for me.  Next Tuesday our family has 4 appointments, 3 for me and 1 for William.  That Friday, my mother-in-law is having knee replacement.  The next week my best friend is getting married and I am in the wedding.  Because of a scheduling conflict the rehearsal is on Thursday and the wedding is Saturday, so I have Thursday, Friday, & Saturday off work.  I always have Tuesdays off because of William’s PT.  Those 2 weeks I still have to get my 3 days of work in, so everyday is scheduled with something between now and the wedding.  Our wedding aniversary also falls right in the middle of the craziness. I am actually working that day so I could get all my hours in.  I am really looking forward to maternity leave, since I won’t have as many doctor appointments, I hopefully will be sleeping a little better, and will have a new little one to snuggle.

I also have a new stressor starting.  My grandma has an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow.  She had a routine mamogram done last month and a mass was found, so who knows what that is going to bring.  I guess I will know more tomorrow.  Thankfully not all the care falls to me, but most of it actually goes to my sister and my dad does what he can.  Toi and I try to split the drives between us as we can and each of us have our own things that we do for her, though Toi does more than I do, but then she is not working full time and doesn’t have kids of her own.

So if you could pray for us over the next few weeks, the bullets would be

  • whatever is going on with my grandma, that we as a family will know how to deal with it and make wise decisions
  • energy for the next few weeks
  • a safe birth
  • wisdom in decisions about William’s speech and physical concerns


  • Russ and I like the new doctor
  • our household is primarily at our normal state of health, Russ has his daily issues with his health
  • the main concerns with this pregnancy have been laid to rest

Have to Share

Russ told me Sunday night that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in Holt where we used to live. Today we were watching the ABC12 news 5pm news, which we don’t usually watch and I found out who the family is. I know them!! Arlene Nickless is one of the sweetest people I know. I knew her husband a little better. Tim was one of the ICU nurses that we would call on night shift if we had a hard IV start. He taught me lot about IV starts and different areas of nursing as well. I almost never do an IV start without thinking about him. I knew he had been ill and last I had heard he wasn’t doing well. I had not heard that he had died, but I haven’t talked to my old co-workers much since we moved from the Lansing area.

I am so excited for them. One of the last times I talked to Tim, he had mentioned the condition of the house and how he wanted to get it fixed up for Arlene and the kids before he died. Here is a link to a story about them and if you play the video pictures of Tim and Arlene, not the Tim I first remember as a new nurse, but Tim of recent years.

Congratulations Arlene!! I will always remember Tim with fondness.

Works of God Monday

I don’t think I can even come close to describing in words the beauty God allowed me to see this morning.  Today I worked my 4th 12 hour shift in 5 days.  On my way to work this morning there was a beautiful sunrise.  There was a low lying cloud line perfectly over the roadway with the sun coming up behind the cloud line.  It was so beautiful!!!!  My first thought was this looks like I am driving into the mountains, especially coming up to an overpass.  The way things looked reminded my of driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike (you can tell I spent a lot of time traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in elementary and junior high school.)

I was thankful to see it as it reminded me of God’s goodness.  Today could have been very stressful at work.  There is a lot of stress related to our unit, and only our unit, right now.  Our management is very stressed.  It ended up being a good day.  We had a good crew working and I think I am finally getting to fully understand my job and what my responsibilities are.  We had fun, even in the crazy moments and I got out very close to on time, much better than I did the end of last week.  I even got to stop at Apple Valley Yarn Company tonight for knit nite, even if it was only about 20 minutes.  It was still a chance to rest and unwind before going home.

God is so good at giving reminders of His grace.

I have a GREAT husband!!!

I know I don’t do enough to praise him and if I am not careful I cut him down, especially in front of family and close friends with things I get frustrated about.


He has been awesome!!!!

Yesterday I had to take my grandma to a doctors appointment because my sister is out of town.  The appointment was in the early afternoon.  I got back about 4 and promptly went and laid down because I knew I had a short time to rest before I went to work.  Even though he was tired, he got up with the boys since they were waking up from their naps so I could rest.  As I was getting ready to head out the door I made a comment, for him to pray for me since I was going to work all night with very little sleep.  I had only slept about 30 minutes and rested for an hour more, but couldn’t fall asleep.  Normally before working a night shift, I take a 2-3 hour nap.  He offered to take me to work, though it meant that he would get little sleep between his sleep issues and having to get up at 6:30 to come get me from work.  So we quickly got everyone ready to go out the door, since we had to leave within less than 5 minutes to get to work on time.

He was great this morning.  He put up with taking my grandma to get her labs done (that was planned yesterday since it was easier to do it after I got out of work), going to pick up her prescriptions, me finally changing out of my work clothes at my grandmas (he brought me a change of clothes), going to the post office to mail some papers to my dad for my grandma, then to William’s physical therapy.  When we got home from PT, I promptly went to bed 11:30ish am (27 hours awake, with the fore mentioned nap).  He kept the boys quiet and put them down for their naps do I could sleep.  He has even taken care of all the meals today (a job we usually share when I am home).

I am still tired, but very thankful for a kind and thoughtful husband who was so good today taking care of all of us.  I love you, Russ!!

Counting to 5 is hard. . . .

at 4 am that is. I had some free time at work last night, and was working on my knitting. The pair of socks I am working on has a 5 stitch repeat and I don’t know how many times I had to pick my stitches out or slip back the stitches I had just slipped so I could knit them. Ugg! I did much better in “normal” daytime after just an hour of sleep, but I don’t know how I would do now after 3 hours of sleep. It is 5:30 and am ready for bed, but will stay up until 8 or 9, then get up to work day shift tomorrow.

I am really liking my new job. Last night was my first night off orientation and I was very glad to have another nurse who usually works that unit working with me to answer all my questions of things I had learned, but couldn’t remember how to do them. I think one of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I get to know the patients not only their medical conditions, but also the person as well. Since most of our patients are there long-term (the average length of stay on our unit is 16 days and the patients/residents can stay up to 100 days), you really do have time to get to know the patients including their likes and dislikes. I had the same group of patients I had had during orientation, so that part was an easy transition for me.

I will have to do another post about our 4th of July. I didn’t realize my long blogging lapse, between working and going out of town for the 4th I haven’t had much computer time.